Corona in South Korea – A party guest with the feeling of the crisis brings back to South Korea, the model country of the Coronavirus-fighting, is on the way to normality. Up to a 29-Year-old in Seoul to celebrate about.Thomas Hahn from Seoul45 Kommentare45Eine mass contagion in a night club throws back the country: people shopping in the capital city of Seoul. Photo:

On Sunday, President of South Korea, Moon Jae voice in the Nation. On the occasion of the third anniversary of his term of office was, but in his speech there was only one topic: the consequences of the Corona pandemic. He spoke of distress relating to the self-strong company, and of the growing fear of unemployment.

“Undoubtedly, this is economically a war-time situation,” said Moon, before he shouted to the people to have the courage: His government would find the opportunity in crisis and Jobs for a post create a pandemic with the Modern. His keywords: communications technology, services without a meeting, Online education, disease prevention, biotechnology.

It was an appropriate speech for a small, high-tech Nation that the whole world is astonished because of their successful Coronavirus-management. However, the pandemic is not over yet, even in South Korea, at least if the claim is the lung disease, Covid-19 eradicate. The mass infection in a Seoul night club district has brought back the sense of crisis.

A 29-Year-old, the authorities put in Alarm

In the past week, of Korea, reported the center for disease control (KZSK) at times, only a handful of imported infections, and no domestic more. Since Friday, the is different. A 29-year-old party guest with Covid-19-the disease has passed, in order to enable the authorities in Alarm. They wanted to deal but with the return to a new normality.

34 new Covid-19-cases reported, the KZSK on Sunday. 24 of them were in connection with the 29-Year-old was pulled the weekend before through the Bars and Clubs in the Multicultural district of Itaewon. The KZSK called on visitors to the Clubs affected, to go to a medical Isolation, because it is not excluded that you have captured even without symptoms of the Coronavirus.

More than 1500 guests could contact

have had 1510 visitors could be in the Clubs have been not appreciate the authorities, exactly, you know, because the detection system was flawed. Seoul mayor Park Won-soon said that the authorities were unable to locate more than 1300 people, and launched a call to all in the Local were voluntarily tested. He also issued a ban on gatherings in entertainment establishments. “We have no other choice, because we don’t have the impression that the recommendations to operators for self-control are sufficient, considering the vulnerability of the input detection in the Clubs.” At the weekend it was very quiet in Itaewon, where everything else is Packed with people, light and colors.

The return to normality is not easy in the case of a highly infectious disease that manifests in many patients, no or only mild symptoms. South Korea never had a strict Lockdown. There are many shops and cafes remained open, people were on the street. It worked not only because of the comprehensive investigation and testing system for the authorities. This worked well, because the people with great discipline kept the recommendations for infection protection.

Now, more than three months after the first caution of the campaigns, will South Korea’s government, released the people gradually from the protection of the social distance. It probe Trials at the end. The Parliament election on may 15. April was measures marked by caution. Last week, the professional have included leagues in Baseball and football your game again – first of all, without an audience.

Many parents are in addition

This week, the schools will open for the older vintages again, a week later, for the younger ones. But the infection in Itaewon has unsettled many parents, in addition. The “Korea Times” cited, among others, the employees of Yeo, Chul-hyung: He could not send his kids back in school and Kindergarten. “28 children are in the class of my daughter. Imagine, only one is tested positive, then all the other 27 children and 54 parents in quarantine would have to,” he says. The number of insulating people could rise rapidly. “Can circumvent the government with this scenario? I seriously doubt that.”

The government has announced that it got to fever checks at the entrances of public buildings and air-conditioning systems may only run with the window open. Entry rules remain strict. But the authorities feel especially after the contagions in the Seoul night life is, how complicated it is to get the virus of fear from the minds of the people. It is still a long way to go to normality. Even in the model country of the Coronavirus-combat.

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