Changed the Darts Fans at Alexandra Palace at the end is actually the lyrics of your favorite songs? It sounds as if you would re-dedicate the anthem to Taylor Wonderland in Van-Gerwen-Wonderland. The Neudichtung would correspond to the facts: After the 7:3 victory against Michael Smith Michael van Gerwen has become final for the legitimate hunter of the record world champion.

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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According to its third world Cup success, van Gerwen is now the second most successful player in the history of the PDC, and thus the legitimate successor of Phil Taylor. The hunting of these is, of course, still a long way: The Englishman was a 14-Time of the PDC to win, he also won, before he played a large part driven the establishment of the professional game organization that twice during the competition, the Association of BDO.

Only eight sets in six matches

world Championships of the Professional Darts Corporation lost has been around for 25 years. As dominant as Michael van Gerwen this year, only Phil Taylor has won before in his very best years of this tournament: The 29-year-old Dutchman lost in six Games just once in eight sets, in any round, he was just in distress. The Amazing the world Cup was, in fact, that van Gerwen had to play, despite a stable of strong performances is never in the best shape to win the tournament scores: No opponent could stand against him as a Challenger, and those uncertainty that van Gerwen after a weak autumn in the world Cup took a, provoke, to bring van Gerwen in distress. In the semi-finals Gary Anderson, the second most successful player of the past few years caught a Raven black day and left the low countries to the final move.

There, van Gerwen pulled his opponent already in the first four sets of the Teeth: He won them all, and almost at will. Smith was not in the end really glad that he was with the disgrace of a 0:7-defeat of the stage. The Englishman showed only that Dart that brought him to the final and saved three set win in his honor. Van Gerwen was not forced to play far from the level he showed in the past years, constant.