Tennis star knights ice hockey Club – Gabriela Sabatini, and her penchant for the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, The former world-ranked third, celebrated on Saturday the 50. Birthday. And is classed as a hockey fan. Marco Keller0 comment Gabriela Sabatini won 30 years ago, the US Open, in the Final against a permanent rival, Steffi Graf. Today, the Argentinian lives at the lake of Zurich, and is also interested in Swiss football. Photo: Matk Lennihan/Keystone

Argentina was not exactly a core market for the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, that could change now, however. Since last weekend, the National League Club is lots of South Americans is a term for tennis star Gabriela Sabatini has admitted to being a Fan of the Lakers. If you said in Switzerland, while, visits, games like the home, the former world number 3 and US Open Champion in 1990, in an Interview with to your 50. Birthday.

from the “super important” is the ice hockey in Switzerland, let you know your countrymen. You have to watch for while mainly due to one player, the son of a friend, and I also know the owner of the club. The Sport fascinating, but generally speaking: “I want to know how the players prepare, what do you do before a season.”

From your home in Pfäffikon SZ Sabatini with the car just needs a few minutes to get to the Arena on the Obersee. You yourself went a few years ago a few times Skating, but with the Stock you’ve never tried it. She is still in enviable shape and has climbed on the bike, the Klausen pass.

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