The network wants to conquer the trading – Facebook will go to the Shop – Swiss could mark Zuckerberg to benefit to benefit from the online boom and attack Amazon. One day, the local company could sell on its platform products.Maren Meyer1 Kommentar1Mark Zuckerberg vergrösstert his Empire and makes Facebook to the online shop.Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez (Keystone)

First comment out the vacation photos of friends, the news location to check a couple of birthday greetings to write, and then new sandals to buy – all without having to leave the site. Facebook on swings to Amazon to do the same: With Facebook stores, the social network wants to play in the world of online platforms. The necessary number of potential customers in the US-Tech giant with its 2.6 billion users has already.

As in a virtual shopping Mall, retailers can create Facebook stores digital showcase and present their products. Since Tuesday companies in Austria, Germany and other countries can sell your products in your Facebook Shop. This was previously only on Instagram and Whatsapp possible. When the offer comes in Switzerland, is still open.

A Chance for Swiss online shops

The danger for Swiss online shops, to be now of Facebook overwhelmed, says Thomas Lang, E-Commerce consulting company Carpathia at the current time as very low. “It is also a platform for dealers is available. So there is no danger, but an opportunity to reach out on the Facebook-Apps for additional target groups,” says Lang.

The largest independent Swiss online retailer you look at Facebook stores as an “exciting opportunity to potential customers on these platforms to inspire, also right there to pick up”. The development of Social Media platforms to Ecosystems was to be expected. “This is in China on Wechat is already a reality today and has been for platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook’s platforms,” says spokesman Daniel Rei.

In China has developed Wechat, a chat platform, a kind of Super-App that allows users to make Bank transactions, and go shopping. The Mark Zuckerberg announced Shops to be a further development of the already existing features of Instagram, which is also experiment.

“Facebook wants to open a Bazaar, we operate a warehouse. Side by side we get along well – ”

Florian Teuteberg, CEO Digitec Galaxus

The development but take quite seriously. But how much of a success in Switzerland, will depend on the legal framework, the willingness of the consumers and the participating provider, says Rei.

not Even the Migros subsidiary of Digitec Galaxus assumes that Facebook marketplace will damage the business. The concepts differ greatly: Digitec Galaxus work exclusively with large online merchants and not with small shops or individuals, as in the case of Facebook planned. “Facebook wants to open a Bazaar, we operate a warehouse. Side by side we get on well,” says CEO Florian Teuteberg.

advertising services

improve this, And how Facebook of this Offensive? Quite clear: data. According to the Financial Times, the company wants to collect the information of the customer, to learn what buyers want, and where you make your purchases. The user can search for products directly in contact with the companies or the purchases immediately online. Who goes through the App on a shopping tour, is monitored by Facebook: in the search, when buying.

the network of its advertising, improve services, and then higher prices demand want. Because advertising remains the main source of income of Facebook. Reluctance among the Swiss to share more data with Facebook, you will not see E-Commerce expert Thomas Lang. “In the case of Cumulus and Supercard, everything is given up for the same reasons.”

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told Reuters that he had not tried to copy Amazon. He wanted to work with already existing E-Commerce services like Shopify, the small businesses in the creation of online shops can help to analyses and payments to take care of.

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