When he was young, he has made a mistake and the wrong animal on the right forearm tattoo. One that he has already eaten and since his first years of apprenticeship as a young chef in many variants, is to prepare: a octopus. Really its not a big deal. “On the shoulder of course is Yes,” says José Manuel Lopez. For his new love. Also from the sea, a delicacy, a rarity, on top of that, the challenge for top chefs – and in the star gastronomy, particularly the Gamba Roja de Dénia asked:.

This is a red shrimp, which is caught by only five fishing boats in a deep trench, which is approximately half-way between the Costa Blanca coastal town of Denia and the Balearic island of Ibiza. With extremely long nets, the fishermen will pick you up from 700 to 1000 meters depth. To find you is up to 1200 meters deep. It tastes like the mysterious sea depth, has the flavor of a Crustacean, and is best cooked without spices, so that they unfold the full flavor. But above all, she is already red before it is cooked in, not unpleasant, glazed, or black like most of the other shrimp species. She is immediately the most appetizing beauty of their art.

What the? Juan Garcia knows it: “you eat a special algae that only occur in their habitat. This allows you to take these intense color.“ The man has a busy life with the Gamba Roja, and is something like their natural enemy – as the fishermen of Dénia. 67 years old he is 52, he has spent on the sea. His son Samuel will lead the operation. Only Juan Garcia fish caught, Emperador, sword was on a weekly trip far out to the Mediterranean sea. Three decades ago, he’s gone for family reasons on the Red Gamba.

“We go out in the morning to five, are between four and five in the afternoon, five days a week – except the sea is rough,” he says. “You will see your children grow up, if you’re not staying the week on the sea.” Therefore, he has become the Gamba-hunter, on some days, with his “Franjumar” with a three-man crew 20 boxes of home, the other only four. “You can estimate how much you bring about. It depends on the time of year, the weather. How rough is the lake and how it was the day before. Exactly but you never know. That’s why you can as a fisherman does not promise anyone anything before, not a lot of guarantees.“

color, firmness and size

Its yield is auctioned each afternoon in the auction hall at the harbour of Dénia. The bidder crouching in the stands, the spectators – many of them vacationers – to follow the action of standing on a gallery. Is increased and down by remote control. Every single crate of fish or sea animals starts with a maximum price, which falls on a digital display in small steps and a fast sequence, until one clicks and the contract will be awarded.

The System is an advantage for fishermen, because everything goes fast and no one knows exactly how much and what is the daily requirement of the competition. Mostly is clicked, if the prices are still high, to not end up without the goods.