A month of prevention and awareness. On the occasion of Pink October, several stars do not hesitate to speak out to testify to their fight against breast cancer. Now cured, these French and international stars tell their story through the media and mobilize to raise funds for research.

Among them, the weather presenter Evelyne Dhéliat revealed to have “gone through this ordeal, one of the hardest in life”, on October 3 in Télé-Loisirs. “It’s such a violent shock at the announcement of the diagnosis! But, very quickly, I said to myself that I had no choice. We have to fight and above all not give up”.

In this fight, the former announcer received the support of those around her and very strong medical follow-up. However, she did not wish to make her illness public. “At the time, I felt that I did not have to impose the news on anyone other than my loved ones. This morally and often physically painful ordeal should, I thought, remain personal”, adding. “But everything ends up being known, and the viewers very quickly, too, gave me tremendous support”.

After a long period of convalescence, Evelyne Dhéliat found her way back to the studios and also collected the testimony of many anonymous people. “As soon as I returned to the air, many women affected by the same ordeal told me of the good, the hope and the comfort that it brought them to see me working again”, says the godmother of the Pink Ribbon operation with Claudia Tagbo and Alice Detollenaere. “I feel today as a duty on my part to communicate on prevention”.

“Breast cancer fighter”, this is what we can read in the biography of Alice Detollenaere on her Instagram page. In 2020, the model was affected by the disease when she had just experienced a double drama. “Cancer, unfortunately, we know in my family. My mother’s sister died of it, this is what allowed us to determine that I was carrying a gene which predisposes to breast cancer. I know the dramatic outcome. A year before my diagnosis, I lost my dad to cancer. So I was really scared,” she told Purepeople.com.

“I said to myself that it was the beginning of the end, even if I was told that it is a disease that can be cured. We have to think about that”. After a double mastectomy, the companion of former swimmer Camille Lacourt remains cautious about her state of health. “I still have two years to know if I will really be cured but I know that I am in remission and that there is no reason for it to come back. Because now I have had both my breasts removed. My risk of recurrence was assessed at 3%, which is really not much.

The actress Béatrice de la Boulaye learned that she suffered from breast cancer in 2021 on the set of Criminal tropics, the detective series of France 2. In the magazine Télé 7 Jours, the accomplice of Sonia Rolland took advantage of the occasion of Pink October to evoke its commitment to this cause. “I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all women to get screened for breast cancer.”

The interpreter of captain Gaëlle Crivelli spoke about her experience with the public. “I would like to tell them how much this third season is a symbol of victory and healing. Last year, a few weeks before filming, I underwent a reconstructive mastectomy of the right breast. Without screening, what would have become of me?” , she concluded in front of our colleagues.

We all know Brigitte Bardot in her fight for the animal cause, but less her personal fight against breast cancer. At 49, the ax fell: “I did not expect it. I lived alone, I was 49. I faced everything with courage and optimism, I treated cancer with contempt, giving it little importance. Barely out of the hospital, I took part in a demonstration against hunting with my two drains that I had hidden in my bag over my shoulder!” as she confides to the magazine Current Woman.

The famous comedian learned of her breast cancer at the age of 30 following a mammogram. For two years, she agreed to undergo curettage, radiotherapy sessions, and even surgery. In February 2017, she told Rose magazine (the breast cancer magazine) that she had decided to stop all treatments. From this experience, she draws an unfailing thirst for life: “I have become very greedy for life, I want to make the most of it, because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Before, I paid attention to everything, I created allergy anxiety for myself. For example, I didn’t touch cold cuts. I had convinced myself that it was giving me pimples. I stopped all that stuff. I eat now! And I’m laughing harder than before!”

The Australian star received the terrible news in the middle of her “Show Girl: The Greatest Hits Tour” tour in 2005. She has cancer in her left breast and is due to have part of her breast removed as well as numerous chemotherapy sessions. After nearly a year of fierce battle against the disease, she is finally cured and immediately goes back on stage. Of this ordeal, she will tell Paris Match magazine in 2012: “In Paris where I was being treated when I was in a pitiful state and frankly, I did not know how things were going to turn out, on several occasions people are came to me to hand me a flower or to wish me good luck. It was overwhelming”. She only regrets one thing about her cancer, the fact that she can no longer have children.

It was in 2015 that the American actress was diagnosed with breast cancer. Quickly, Shannen Doherty decides to expose her fight on social networks by regularly informing her fans about her daily life. In the American talk show, Chelsea, she confided: “I believe that what is beautiful and difficult, and interesting with cancer is that it is a disease which breaks you then makes you stronger then breaks you again. But you still come out stronger. This disease rebuilds you so many times.” After two years of fierce struggle, the actress has been in remission for almost six months.

The American singer was not spared by breast cancer which broke out in 2003. Ten years later, her cancer recurred and this time Anastacia decided to undergo a double mastectomy. In an interview for the DailyMail in November 2015, she talks about her choice: “I chose the mastectomy to live. The second time, it was easier because I already had all the information and as soon as the cancer is came back, I did not hesitate […] Today, the fear is gone!I am no longer worried about having breast cancer, because I no longer have the breast tissue where it develops. That’s all I can do, I can’t remove every part of my body exposed to cancer…”

The actress learns that she has breast cancer and decides to opt for a double mastectomy. Christina Applegate has informed her fans that she has undergone another operation to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, this time to prevent ovarian cancer. On the American site Today, she justifies her decision: “My cousin died in 2008 of ovarian cancer. I could prevent that. That’s how I take control of things. It’s a relief. is something that has been taken off the table”.

Known for her role in the Sex and the City series, Cynthia Nixon learned that she had breast cancer in October 2006 after five mammograms. Very concerned by this disease since her grandmother and her mother were themselves affected by this cancer, the actress has since been committed to prevention. She is the spokesperson for the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation, which supports women with breast cancer. In the talk show Good morning America, she returned to her fight that she decided to lead away from the cameras: “I always thought I had a good chance of catching it and when the doctor called me to announce to me, following my mammogram, that I had a small tumor, I was not surprised. I was preparing for it. My entourage was more affected than me […] I did not wanted to publicize my state of health until I was cured, I would not have liked to see paparazzi in front of the hospital.”

The Oscar-winning actress for her role in the film Misery announced her double mastectomy in 2012 after suffering from breast cancer. This heavy decision was decided quickly since the actress had already had to be treated nine years earlier for ovarian cancer. In a press release published by her agent, she informed her fans as follows: “My family calls me Kat because I always land on my feet and this time is no exception”.

It was in 2006 that the singer learned of her breast cancer. She decides to take charge of herself by changing her eating habits. At the same time, she must endure radiotherapy sessions. To the British version of Closer, she confessed: “The illness forced me to look at how I fit in with the people I love. I was at the bottom of my list of priorities”. Now cured of the disease, she has become a fervent militant of the disease and gives of her person to collect donations. This year, the singer has put up for sale 100 personal items, all of the proceeds from which will be donated to the Stand up 2 Cancer association.