While it has existed for more than 100 years, you will have to say goodbye to the “pink paper” driving license on January 19, 2033. If you passed your driving license before September 16, 2013, you are surely one of the last holders of the “pink paper”. Do you have to get rid of it as soon as possible or risk a fine? The answer depends on your situation.

Indeed, as the public service website indicates to us: “the hardcover pink driving license remains valid until January 19, 2033. You do not have to request its replacement”, however, you are obliged to a request to renew your driving license in the event of “deterioration, loss or theft”, as the public service specifies. In these last three cases, you will be asked for an amount of 25 euros for a renewal.

A new driver’s license with a new appearance appeared on September 16, 2013 in France. With “the same dimensions as a credit card, making it more discreet and more robust. It contains an electronic chip and an MRZ strip. All these details make this card practical. This magnetic card aspires to become the standard for drivers”, tells us Les Ecrans de Paris.

As Marie France explains to us: “In the event of failure to present the driving licence, the risky fine amounts to 11 euros but may be increased to 38 euros. This sanction can reach 135 euros if the motorist in question is unable to submit the correct version of his driving license within 5 days of the control”.

More practical given its small size in European format, and its code which accompanies it and which allows access to its balance of points online, on the Telepoints.info site, you can now request a renewal. of your old driving license to adopt it.

If you wish to apply for this new permit, simply contact the Prefecture or the sub-prefecture. The latter will ask you for certain elements to constitute your file. So that you don’t have to travel for nothing, remember to take these documents with you: