A British woman who is up for a Tinder date, for a journey of 65 miles was made, it was after five minutes of unsuccessful return to their homes, because, according to her, the date she was “too fat”. Have a log in order to her travel expenses (approximately 100 euro) to pay, is mad enough to nearly 900 euro, not bad!

The 28-year-old Jade, on the Surface, it describes itself as, “the worst date of her life.” They have traveled the 3.5 hours from central England, Leicester to Peterborough, about 65 miles away. Upon arrival at the train station and remarked to her date, and her saying that she is “too fat”, and it was with a pleasant outlook. “I called him an asshole. He was furious, and he told me that I was still forced to return to his home to go to.”

Disappointed to have ordered It at the train station and have a glass of wine, and the launch of an internet call, to get her travel costs back to pay for it. The goal was $ 100, but it is surprising how much people have spent all the money, so that, on the Surface, to her failed date, now is definitely the almost 900 euros left.

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