Companies have to make enough use of opportunities to help employees be financially rewarding. According to a survey by the social secretariat Partena Professional, with a total of 169 companies, and the analysis of the payroll records of 257.000 employees. Just 4 percent of medium-sized companies that are in performance management, it has loonbonussen to less than 5 percent of winstpremies.

in These formulas provide, however, for the least cost to the employer, and for the highest benefit to the employee. In addition, not only different points of bonusvormen, options and warrants, but also, more widely, and the simple form of the loonoptimalisatie significantly under-utilised.

to add even more and 74 per cent of the firms do not have a meal, and 66 percent of the firms do not have eco cheques on the salary package. Around 80 per cent of the companies are not insurance, are offered. Hospitalization insurance, are even less popular: in more than 90% of the companies are not in the package.

“a Lot of companies do not have a clear compensation strategy, and therefore, the potential of the different forms is all too often overlooked,” says Patrick Van Hool, van Partena-Professional. “In addition, they ask their employees, often do not have the benefits of it. We advise employers to have a clear human resources to develop and staff an annual review is to provide the benefits that they will receive. For new and young firms, with young employees, it is loonoptimalisatie is an interesting possibility.”