the android Fold, and the smartphone with a foldable screen by Samsung, will not be in Belgium for sale. It was in the beginning with the intention of it, but then there were problems with the unit, and the launch of world is suspended. Also, Huawei, Belgium on the left are to be foldable, the Degree of X.

The Galaxy, the Fold was supposed to on the 3rd of may in Belgium is for sale. Everything was taken care of, Proximus has had exclusivity for the device at launch, sell it, and it would be 2.020 of dollars. But when it became clear that the journalists are the various defects found in the test aircraft, sent to Samsung, the device is back to the drawing board.

finally, Friday brings the Samsung with an updated version of the Fold on the market. First, in its home country of South Korea, followed by countries such as Germany, France, italy, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States of america. In Belgium and the Netherlands, there are no launch is planned, and let a spokesperson for the police in our country know about it.

Also, Samsung’s rival Smartphone launches, coming soon to a phone with a foldable screen. Also, it will not be in Belgian stores are located, and confirms a spokesman said. The reason for this is that the focus is on the device in question is a super-fast 5G network. In Belgium, the implementation is delayed due to political bickering, as, for example, in Great Britain, and Germany, all of 5G networks that are active in a number of cities.