A rare Lamborghini for 40 years, was discovered in the… – container


This Countach LP400, one of the first models that Lamborghini has ever built, he sleeps for about 40 years, into a container for proper disposal. Today, however, is none other than to come to him and wake up to the kiss.

This is the kind of find where the collectors are to kick the habit, that is a ‘barn find’ of a rare and highly sought after model. This is more likely to have a ‘container-find’, because this is a Lamborghini Countach LP400, stood for over 40 years, hidden in a shipping container. The garage-Kidston Motor-Cars, the discovery of Instagram has shared, you will have your hands full with the restoration. But the result would be that the worth of wages, as it is one of the first models of the Countach, that Lamborghini were produced between 1974 and 1978 to the launch of the Countach LP 400 S..

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