the PDVA was one of the big winners of the election, but it seems that the ultra-left party in the coalition formation process from the boat to the falls. Much to the chagrin of Raoul Hedebouw. The head of the party, takes an interview with The ‘Sunday’ then it is also very hard. Especially for the socialist party, the “new” Elio Di Rupo, but also to the N-VA.

“You need to know: the socialist party is a new political party. They are the greatest, and in that sense”, says Hedebouw, why have a party in Wallonia, there is not a coalition agreement with the socialist party came in. “The voters have, however, a real left, a signal is given. We can have the change placed on the table. But Elio said ” not.”

in The talks between the two parties, is called Hedebouw that it is “not a serious effort”. “What is wanted, the Di Has to give to us? A prime minister without a budget. This is not a serious matter. This is a tried and true strategy of the socialist party. They have Ecological also ignored. We weren’t ready for it to leave. The socialist party actually had a single aim: to demonstrate that the LABOUR party will not be able to control. So, if they want our voters to go back anyway. I call it theater.”


According to the Hedebouw, it is quite possible that the PS will soon be in spite of all the expensive eden is in the federal government, to get where the N-VA is part of it. “The socialist party is ready to do anything. A new reform of the state. She is now with Jean-Claude Marcourt, has been appointed as a federal negotiator. That is, it is not a coincidence, as far as I know. Currently being renovated, which represents the regionalist thrust within the socialist party. This is a signal to the N-VA.”

Well, that party will be a wipe out of the pan Hedebouw. “I think it is outrageous now, what is going on. The N-VA doesn’t have any mandate to get the country to split up. However, that is a party to a hold-up at the office. That’s what the people want. Confederalisme? I don’t believe at all. (stronger) That makes me angry. I’m not in the mood for a French-speaking front-facing, a and Flemish army. I can see the other challenges facing the country.”
More about the PVDA/PTB) a New survey of the Flemish Interest, the largest party, with a 24.9% Informateurs bring it on Monday to re-present a report to the king, the LABOUR party gets into the pharmaceutical industry: “Lack of borstkankermedicijn, it is not a coincidence,” the LABOUR party is calling for “boterhammentaks” to the judge