African swine fever has been on the road for the sector, with a half-a-billion to the cost. Each and every month that goes by without that the Belgian pig farming sector to export, it costs, on average, 22,42 million, respectively. That said, Michael Gore, who is the managing director of the Federation of the Belgian Meat Febev).

for example, If there are no new cases, in Belgium, in theory, to export to the last countries to end in August 2020. This will be the sector to your area of 447 million and 584 million euros at time of payment.

It’s mainly the Asian countries and their borders have been closed. These countries are usually in the treaties, states that the border closes for the pork meat from swine exposed. According to Gore, is for Belgian pork, unjustly stigmatised. “Since the disease is not (Wallonia) wild boars are infected, and the disease is spreading, thanks to the numerous measures taken by the regions, and the FAVV (food inspection), and the sectors that were not transferred to the fattening pigs,” says Gore.

Febev calls to action. The federation wants to see “the urgent need for a clear, transparent and robust approach to the everzwijnenbestand, in contrast to manufacturer’s website”. The nachtmerriescenario, that is, the classical swine fever in Flanders, it would happen. Al Gore also needs a political effort to export the track, and release content more quickly to end. In addition, he calls for the break-up of Belgium, in the areas in order to make possible to export to certain countries to which the additional guarantees, requirements and a framework for businesses that are in difficulty are likely to come up in support. In the end, it is the crisis between the authorities and the sector to float, he makes up his mind.

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