While the last democratic attempts of the opposition have failed, the French must resign themselves to seeing the pension reform be implemented from September 1st. From this date, the legal retirement age will thus be gradually raised by two years, while the duration of the insurance will amount to 43 annuities. In this context, some French people will however be able to continue to retire before the age of 64 when the reform is implemented. Explanations.

Since the announcement of the pension reform, it has been a great upheaval for the French, who are wondering about the age at which they will be able to retire. With the raising of the legal retirement age, two additional years of work will await future retirees. However, in some cases, it will still be possible, under certain conditions, to leave before this limit, thanks to the long career scheme. For the main concerned, the years worked before the age of 20 will allow them to leave earlier.

In other cases, some French people will also be able to leave professional life before the age of 64. Disabled people or people with disabilities will thus benefit from the possibility of leaving in advance, as will those who have carried out a so-called “difficult” job. It should also be remembered that the increase in the legal retirement age will be gradual and that, consequently, several generations of retirees will have the possibility, in the coming years, of leaving before the age of 64. Discover, in our slideshow, if you are part of the generations concerned.