A quick house sale Take care not to woonbonus about bankenfederatie
A quick house sale Take care not to woonbonus about bankenfederatie

Now that the government woonbonus dropped it, you would be tempted to gear up to turn it off and it will still have a house to buy. However, according to Febelfin ceo Karel Van Eetvelt, is that it is “not wise”, and the count huizenjagers best way to do it is more on the woonbonus.

The woonbonus by January 1, will be abolished. From that date on a new home purchase, so it can no longer rely on the tax break. In a rush in the real estate market seemed to be self-evident: if you have been looking for a home, it would be subject to what is almost a solid tax break era.

But, according to Karel Van Eetvelt, ceo of the bankenfederatie, Febelfin, to huizenjagers out there really don’t count on it. “You have to have, on the one hand, credit is necessary, and all of the paperassenwerk you have to do it at the bank, and, on the other hand, you have the deed to the notary executed. Together, will take approximately 3 months to complete. This means that, if you are yet to start, the woonbonus you will be able to enjoy it,” said Van Eetvelt Monday morning on Radio 1. Even though he does have a small hole in it. “In the best case, if you still do, you might still have a chance, but I think it just doesn’t make any sense.”

the Van Eetvelt, indicates, however, that banks, the law makes no sense to have a sudden rush on the houses. “We are not going to wait for an overheating of the market. We have a new minister stressed that it is very fast, the clarity will come. And also, it is clear that the people who have yet to begin actually, it may be too late, and that woonbonus going to be able to enjoy it.”
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