a Handsome victory on the road for the Leuven Bears in the Mons. Arena. The people from louvain take the second victory in a row for the Mountains and for the second time in a row to defeat.

Leuven Bears dominated the first half, and it could be a 22nd-29th bonus after the first quarter, and by Sunday Despalier, Hugh Robertson, and Brandan Stith with the rest withdraw, with a 40-48 bonus. The mountains in the third lever a few times to set up (51-54), but the people from louvain take were still in the slotkwart with a 60-67 ahead. At 60-72 sat down with the Bears at the start of the second half straight on the rose. Filip Adamovic, Katin Reinhardt, and Lennar is a Powerful caring for a remonte (76-80), but it is a better-Leuven Bears, proposed by the triples running Jonas Delalieux, Brandan Stith (26 points, 11 rebounds) and Josh Heath (15 points, 14 assists), after a 78-84 and 80-92 a well-deserved profit.

Mons-Leuven Bears, 82-99,

the Mountains (30 of 67 shots, including 8 of 22 triples, 14, 17 vrijworpen, 21 errors), SMITH 3-5, CAGE, 3-0, ADAMOVIC 3-7, BARNES (0-9, VAN CAENEGHEM 1-2, Loss 4-0, Giancaterino 0-0, Freeman 15-9, Reinhardt, 9 And 10, At 2-0.

Leuven Bears: (34 of 59 shots, including 9 of 22 triples, 22, 22 vrijworpen and 17 errors), DESPALIER 10-2, SIZE 4 TO 11, DELALIEUX 0-8, ROBERTSON 10-13, STITH 14-12, Kotrulja 5-5, Fauconier 0 – 0 Lambert 2-0, Cazalon 3-0.

Quartz: 22-29, 18-19, 20-19, 22-32

More information about Leuven, you don’t want a Penalty to Eddy Casteels after a swipe at the referee: “He was arrogant, and he laughed us off,” Tim Lambert at Leuven Bears, Ostend, Antwerp, and Brussels, continue to be error-free on the 34th day, at the EuroMillions Basketball League, the EuroMillions League: Leuven Bears will win, after two extensions of the Brussels