According to the, candidate (CD&V-president, mr Joachim Coens, our country is a government of experts, is needed. “It has lasted long enough. As with the political parties unable to put together a government, let it be, then, to the others. And form, soon to a government of experts. A zakenkabinet.”

Joachim Coens (53), mayor, city of Damme and the havenbaas of Zeebrugge in belgium, the stop is no longer to see, ” he said. “We have been more than five months after the elections of may 26, almost eleven months after the fall of the government, in different places and in none, perhaps, even the king did not know how it is on Monday next.”

“Does it have something to do? Someone is going to really look at the formation start? I don’t have the impression that we are on the cusp of a major breakthrough, stand by, unfortunately, sounds like it’s on

Photo: Brecht Van Maele

And, therefore, advocates the Coens have to be a change of direction. “The previous government proposed that by 2020, a deficit of up to 1 billion in the long term. The threat of a 12-billion-to-be. That is, it is not serious any more.”

“What is a citizen, which would have been the fate is still in the hands of people who will refuse for you to decide to work together? This country has a government. And with a budget that is worthy of the name. If the parties do not succeed, then go to it, just do it.”

a Dangerous vacuum

there, on January 1, 2020, no full-fledged government, then it should be, according to Joachim Coens in no time at all, a zakenkabinet is to be formed, consisting of about a dozen experts from the academic, administrative, and business environments. “Following the example of Italy, and in 2011, in the middle of a financial crisis,” says Coens.

“so, Mario Monti, who is a two time Commissioner, it is a government of experts and specialists in the various domains are formed. A governo tecnico. (A government of technocrats who are, for the stability it has provided. There is now Belgium. Our country is in a dangerous vacuum. It’s either this, or re-election, but that would not resolve anything.”

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