Statement of opposition to the European Cup-lock – For Manchester City, the days of the WahrheitDem Club start to threaten after a Uefa-lock of two years without the Champions League. At Monday’s hearing at the court of arbitration for sport to start after the opposition of the English.0 comment after the Uefa Premier League Club Manchester City with a two-year European Cup-assigned lock, are now heard the objection of the Clubs before the CAS in Lausanne.Photo: KeystoneDas judgment in the case of the Club of star coach Pep Guardiola can be interpreted as a guide for the further procedure of the European football Association in respect of Offences against the Financial fair play.Photo: KeystoneBei a European Cup-lock is to be expected with the departure of the Stars of the City. It is hard to imagine that players like Raheem Sterling (l.) and Kevin De Bruyne for two seasons without the entire large stage.Photo: 1 / 4

Also, Manchester City’s Start-up coach Pep Guardiola will look on Monday excited to Lausanne. There, the International court of arbitration for sport (CAS) negotiated on the appeal of the club against the barrier, with the help of the European football Association, Uefa, the Premier League club occupied. Due to year-long financial fraud City for two seasons from all European competitions, was excluded.

Two years without the Champions League – that would be for City and Guardiola is a disaster. The Abu Dhabi alimentierte Club has won in the last few years, all national titles: championship, FA Cup, Ligacup and Supercup. But the international trophy was missing last. The king class is the primary goal of the owner. Ongoing – currently broken – Champions-League-season offers Manchester City might be the last Chance for a while. The eighth-final first leg Real Madrid won the City with 2:1.

Three days to take the non-public hearing in Lausanne, which will be conducted by video link. A verdict is not expected immediately, said a CAS spokeswoman at the request of the German press Agency. After the hearing, will advise the three-member court of arbitration first. When a decision is, let him not say, it was called. British media speculated that it could take up to two months.

Football Leaks make alleged fraud to the public

The current table, the second of the Premier League, the person responsible will have to tremble for a while. The main owner of the club, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, half-brother of the President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan is.

The independent financial control body of Uefa had accused the six-times English Champions make a conscious deception to circumvent the Financial fair play regulations. Trigger internal club E-Mails and documents, which were made from the platform of Football Leaks to the public, and, allegedly, systematic fraud suggest were.

Between 2012 and 2016, You should have City sponsors income far in excess of the fee assessed. Funds, which have been declared as revenue by sponsors from Abu Dhabi, to be paid in reality by Sheikh Mansour. Including payments of Etihad Airways, City’s main sponsor has said. Etihad, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates.

City as a victim, the decision as a signpost

Manchester City ruled, however, as a victim. The case was initiated by Uefa, the Uefa followed by the Uefa has been evaluated, criticized the Club, had tried again and again to prevent a verdict. The allegations are wrong, – said the managing Director Ferran Soriano repeatedly. The Fans, he assured that they will do “everything possible to prove it”. The City has turned on more’s best lawyers, in order to escape a Uefa ban.

this Should not succeed, is Manchester City against troubled times. Coach Guardiola has stressed that he would happen to remain, “no matter what”. Several top stars, including Raheem Sterling, or Kevin De Bruyne could leave the club, however. “Two years would be long,” said the midfield ACE Kevin De Bruyne in the Belgian newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws”. He wanted to wait and see the decision of the Belgians.

for the Uefa the game. The decision is considered to be the way forward. A defeat before the CAS would add to the authority of the football Union enormous damage. In the past years, Uefa has been accused of a weak enforcement of their own rules. The barrier for the City should be collected now, this could make the Financial fair play clearly out of the question.


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