Live octopus, fried tarantula… 8 disgusting culinary specialties around the world


Sushis, burritos or even couscous… Each dish is associated with a country, a region of the world. And cooking is an integral part of a people’s culture. Thus, each nation has its own gastronomic specialties.

But a dish may be particularly famous on one side of the globe and inspire nothing but disgust on the other. For the French, there are many foreign dishes that seem particularly disgusting and that few people would actually be able to taste.

But this fact is also true in the other direction. There is thus a multitude of French culinary specialties that disgust a large part of the globe, as Topito points out.

Cheese: to begin with, it is one of the essential elements of our gastronomic heritage which is highly criticized abroad, especially for particularly made and fragrant cheeses.

Snails: We are not the only ones to eat them, but it is true that the appearance of this crawling little animal may put some people off.

Tripe: the French are fond of offal in general, which is far from unanimous abroad.

Beef tongue: this typical dish of our region is not particularly appetizing to prepare. For foreigners, it is not much more on the plate.

Frog legs: one of the great classics of French gastronomy is a source of disgust for many foreigners.

Conversely, there are an infinity of dishes from beyond the borders that seem inedible to the French as they disgust them. Here are 8 that should not whet your appetite.