A chief of staff for the White house: the successor is urgently sought


Donald Trump is in America for decades as a real estate entrepreneur, came in glory, he is not until 2004, when he was looking for in the Reality show “The Apprentice” to the employees for his company. Candidates had to meet week by week tasks, and each Time it is screened until only one was left. “Youre fired” was a trademark, with which he distinguished himself as a hard man of business.

Oliver Kühn

editor in the policy.

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Despite the humiliation experienced by the candidate from him, there were always enough people who wanted to join, there was even an offshoot in the well-known personalities to his favor advertised. The exact opposite now seems to be, however, occurred: Trump is looking for a new chief of staff for the White house and can’t find one, because hardly anyone wants the Job.

At the 8. In December, the us President, announced that the current holder of the post, John Kelly, a former General of the Marines, will leave at the end of the year. The step was long expected. In 2016, the White house brought in to bring discipline and stability into the government stores, should Kelly have lost very quickly Trumps grace – because he actually tried, his Job complete. But apparently the American President did not like to check and desavouierte its employees. Even with trump’s influential daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner – both adviser to the President – met with Kelly, as he took Kushner security clearance, so this was cut off from the flow of information. The last Trump had not even spoken more with him, it is said in the American media.

For Trump seems to be a major setback because all of a sudden he said he was “in a hurry” to occupy the Post; it could take quite a few weeks. A Plan B, he and his advisers do not seem to have had. However, Trump remained confident. On Twitter, he wrote on Tuesday that there is “more than ten” people who struggled for control of the Post. The Reuters news Agency, he said on Wednesday that there are “at least ten to twelve people – twelve people, which really want to”.

Each one wanted the Job, but he just didn’t have the time to speak with all of you, and therefore the selection could take a bit of time. On Thursday, he said at an event, the list had been shortened to five people. And also on Thursday, “the Huffington Post reported,” Trump considered that his son-in-law son Jared Kushner to his closest associates. For the former Governor of Pennsylvania and Chairman of the Democrat, Edward Rendell, is a sign that there is no one of some political stature, the wool did the Job. An appeal Kushner would be “outrageous”, he told the TV station MSNBC.

The spokeswoman of the White house, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, tried to calm tempers. To her, it was not known that Kushner will be pulled for the Post in consideration, they said to journalists in front of the White house. However, no matter in which Position he serves the Administration, he would definitely make a good work, so Huckabee-Sanders.