A short change in the weather – the summer must have because of Gudrun pausierenAuf the sunshine on the Auffahrtstag with the summer temperatures, a change in the weather on Saturday. However, only of short duration.0 comment clouds over Bern: on the Friday morning high clouds fields to draw increasingly, these are poets in the course of the day. (Archive)photo: Keystone/Anthony Anex

The Auffahrtstag showed itself from its Sunny and during the day the warm side. Already on Friday a clear view of the screen of the Switzerland wide as Meteonews in a message writes.

On Saturday, the associated follows the end of cold front by the name of Gudrun. It provides for strong downpours, isolated Thunderstorms and gusty Wind. This change in the weather but is only of short duration, for on Gudrun, a new high-pressure field follows from Sunday already.

On Thursday were measured in the middle of the country, maximum values of 25 degrees and more. Also on Friday, the mercury is climbing in the afternoon in the summer the area – however, with less sun, with highs of 25 to 27 degrees, the weather experts. Already in the morning, high clouds fields to draw increasingly, these are in the course of the day, more dense and obscure, increasingly the sun, but it remains largely dry.

the origin of the formation of clouds is an inactive warm front, which Switzerland reached on the basis of storm Gudrun.

brings a cold front of rain, isolated Thunderstorms and gusty Wind

On Saturday, Gudrun draws a Deep active cold front to the Alps. After the weather comes in the Morning, especially in the Eastern Alps, a little friendly, therefore, are from the West, the first showers possible. In the course of the day, the clouds continue to increase and it comes to strong downpours with thunder-storms. Meteonews predicted gusts up to 70 km/h – southern foot of the Jura even more.

Because of the emergence of the North wind are in the South on Saturday afternoon and evening showers and Thunderstorms possible. Will not freeze you in Ticino, however, and the cold air is not there. On the contrary, The night on Sunday is expected to be mild, fixed in a tropical night is even with lows of 20 degrees and more is possible.

as of Sunday, new High –

on Sunday it will be Sunny again. And also the prospects for the coming week in the summer are: thanks to the high-pressure weather, it is likely to go in Switzerland to Sunny more. The temperature curve is again upward: 20 degrees on Sunday to 24 to 25 degrees in there from the middle of the week again, however, blowing at times a weak to moderate Bise winds.


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