Brexit-comment: On Mays next train, it is


    To a “handbag Moment” had passed, conservative hard-liners. Theresa May should go on the table in Brussels, instead of constantly any make a compromise! The “Iron Lady” is the model of it. Margaret Thatcher said in 1984, the other heads of government, they wanted to get back “our money” – they should have according to the legend, her purse on the table thrown. The result was then in the Kingdom of famous, in the Rest of Europe infamous British rebate.

    Thomas Gutschker

    editor in the Department of politics in the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

    F. A. Z.

    no, such a Moment Theresa May had, when she auditioned at the end of the week with your colleagues. She came as a supplicant, in a light Emergency. The other went to meet her a little step, but none was willing to change the hard-negotiated settlement for Northern Ireland: The United Kingdom as a Whole in a customs Union with the EU, as long as there is no trade agreement, the border controls on the island of Ireland can be avoided. That Brussels is gradually with his patience at the end, showed a harsh remark by the President of the Commission. The discussions in London were “sometimes nebulous and imprecise,” said Jean-Claude Juncker. May took it personally and confronted him, but in case you don’t came.

    Is the expression of your political weakness? With a new head? Certainly not. With the decision to exit the game rules between the 27 member States and in London fundamentally changed. As a member of the EU, the United Kingdom was able to negotiate by means of the right of veto, a special role for itself. Whether this was wise is debatable. Now, it is the concessions to which the other ready. The EU must safeguard the integrity of its internal market and the Irish peace. A resurrected Maggie Thatcher could change that as little as a transported Boris Johnson. How weak is London, one can see that Northern Ireland plays only a subordinate role. In case of doubt, the urge is now, your own trading contracts – even if this should lead to a hard limit on the island of Ireland.