Inflation is on the rise. And, obviously, this is not good news for French people who are faced with rising consumer prices. It eats into their purchasing power, harms the profitability of their savings and therefore attacks their woolen stockings quite mechanically. Transport is more expensive, due to the increase in fuel prices, construction sites become more difficult to carry out because certain materials become too expensive and therefore difficult to find.

Fortunately for retirees and recipients of social benefits, the Head of State and his government have planned a number of measures. Designed to allow them to withstand the inflationary shock without too much difficulty, they provide for the revaluation of part of the allowances that they are likely to receive… But also that of retirement pensions from the general system. The president, then still a candidate, had made the promise during the interval between the two rounds. But what about the others?

Unfortunately, not everyone has the right to the same degree of protection… as evidenced by the emergence of “the salary question”, explains the daily Les Echos. This would even become more and more “pressing”. What’s more amazing? Inflation could soon climb to 10% in the euro zone and the idea of ​​a wage increase seems increasingly complex to circumvent.

That being said, employees who would try to negotiate an improvement in their pay could find it difficult to convince their employer using this argument alone. Especially since many alternatives exist. Going from the exceptional bonus to the special package, Planet offers you a small summary of the options to be expected during the negotiations.