Bubble wrap: 7 tips for the home


Bubble wrap is the best packaging method for fragile items. We are getting closer and closer to Christmas, and you will certainly soon be overwhelmed by the remains of packaging that you will not know what to do with… The planet will thank you for not throwing them away without batting an eyelid, but you yourself can benefit directly from this incongruous avalanche of waste.

There are many ways to reuse packaging. Cardboard is a very good insulator, which can be a good help on the day when your home is waiting for the intervention of workers. The gift wrap can simply be reused to wrap other presents, especially if the gifts are not intended for the same people: it will be seen as fire! However, it will be necessary to avoid tearing the packaging and gently peel off the tape at the foot of the tree.

The invention of bubble wrap dates back to 1957. The American Alfred Fieldling and the Swiss Marc Chavannes are to be thanked for this discovery. This invention was actually accidental! Originally, the two engineers wanted to create a textured wallpaper, with relief making it easier to clean. They then called it “AirCap”. It was only later that this material was marketed under its current name, “bubble wrap”, by the Sealed Air Corporation.

Note that today there are multiple types of bubble wrap: the size of the air pockets can vary from the half centimeter that we all know to real air cushions, intended for the packaging of larger objects and requiring greater damping.

Find below the multiple uses you can make of the bubble wrap according to the Astucerie: you will never throw it away again!