Bank charges: which is the cheapest bank in your area?


Account maintenance fees, out-of-network withdrawals, instant transfers… Bank fees can vary from one to two from one bank to another. If this is an important point for many French people when making their choice, others do not necessarily pay attention to it and therefore have a bad surprise once they have signed.

As Le Parisien explains, the Ministry of the Economy has announced a “tariff shield” on these costs for the year 2023, up to 2%. Will the banking establishments play the game? The answer is yes, according to the latest study by MoneyVox which, like every year, studied the rates which will come into force on January 1, 2023 in the various banks in France. Main lesson of the study, “changes in average prices, service by service, will often be contained below 1%”.

This is good news that must still be tempered, because some services are constantly increasing from one year to the next. Out-of-network cash withdrawals from banks, insurance, checks, etc. MoneyVox lists several that will increase further, after an initial increase last year. Here are, in detail, the new prices to expect, according to the study of the specialized site.

Unsurprisingly, the instant transfer is once again experiencing an increase in its price. The European Commission has however asked the banks to make it free, as Planet explained to you a few days ago… Hasn’t the message reached the banks yet? Mystery.

Faced with increases in bank charges, which are the cheapest establishments? MoneyVox has just awarded its trophies for the year 2023 and, if online banks are doing well once again, as far as physical banks are concerned, three establishments stand out. Find out which ones below, according to the study carried out by the specialized site.