Save for retirement with tax deduction – Higher Limits for payments into pillar 3a gefordert6826 franc is currently the maximum annual amount for the third pillar. The national Council wants to increase this limit significantly – for purchases.19 Kommentare19Er want as many people as possible can provide for their financial security in old age: The Obwalden Chancellery of the Council of States Erich Ettlin (center) filed the Motion.KEYSTONE/Anthony Anex

Who has not been in his younger years in the position, in column 3a, to Deposit, to which you can later catch up. The higher payments can be deducted from taxable income. The national Council approved on Tuesday a corresponding Motion.

It should be able to many people for their financial security in retirement, said Regine Sauter (FDP/ZH), on behalf of the Commission majority. A subsequent Deposit thickness, the Pension of those who had had at a young age is not a 3a account or the funds would not have been able to muster.

As examples Sauter called farmers or non-working mothers. The purchase should be limited to the self-employed: current amount of 34’128 Swiss francs per year. A shopping is supposed to be only every five years.

the Council adopted the Motion with 112 to 70 votes, with one abstention. From the point of view of the minority on the Motion of councillor Erich Ettlin (CVP/OW) only opens up a “significant tax optimisation-potential for high net worth individuals”, as Mattea Meyer (SP/ZH) said.

Also social Affairs Minister Alain Berset is not recalled that the concern relates to the poorest people. Only 13 percent of Taxpayers could raise the current maximum amount of 6826 francs. Additional tax optimisation opportunities for high net worth would not eliminate inequalities, but also to increase, said Berset. The Motion to dissolve there are no priority issues.

“, Set several 3.-Pillar accounts, so that taxes can be in the payment save” money adviser Martin player. Video: Tamedia


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