to create A striking image during the uci road world Championships: one person wielding a very, very strange ‘Lion of Flanders’. Namely, a leeuwenversie of ‘The Simpsons’character Ned Flanders, the pesky neighbor of the family of Simpson.

The image brought to light the fun on twitter. Who is this Lion of Flanders/the Netherlands, Flanders designed was for the moment clear, but it is the original “Dutch east indies” Tour De Flanders ” was developed by Jeff Lockwood.

The American man, who for a time in Belgium, a resident, is the marketing manager for the brand name Ritchey. He took a picture of it in ‘The Simpsons’character, Ned Flanders, with the Flemish Lion on his jersey. Given the cult status of Flanders in the cycling world, the Tour de Flanders-Flanders is very popular with the alternative of semi-professional teams in collective Mash SF.

“The woordgrap around the Flanders was an easy one,” said Lockwood, in 2017, on the blog, Alps & Andes. “When I was in Belgium, came to live, it was clear the sacred nature of the culture here, however, is not. I have, however, found that some of the people, it’s a little too seriously. I also came to the conclusion that the iconic, black-and-yellow-leeuwenvlagen during a race was far from all that , cool . They will be handed out by members of an extreme right-wing separatische movement. There is a bit of a joke, I thought it would be funny to make a huge change to make with the Netherlands, Flanders, and which to let fly during a race.”

And so it came to pass, that, as it is a character with a life of its own. Soon it emerged that there are variations on this. For example, Once, quickly for the yellow jersey. The American fietskledingmerk < / i> Ostroy, be sold is a period of time, patches, and water bottles under the labels of ‘Tour of Flanders’, but it also has a new design of a cross with the Lion of Flanders and the Netherlands Flanders. During the vlaggenkwestie Coming did so, the figure again in the lap of the social media.

READ on for MORE. Why is a lion of Flanders, with a black tongue and black claws for such a big deal about it cause

These models were in a period of time, to purchase, at the site of the Ostroy. Photo: Ostroy

Also in the South of the Dutch Lion was a Ned Flanders- a make-over. , An anonymous Reddit user got the inspiration from ‘ the Debate SexyFlanders’ < / i> . , which is a meme taken from a Simpsons episode in which the sexy appearance of a Right-in, ski-outfit, Homer Simpson on the map.

< / i> On Twitter, and on Reddit, there is still some debate on whether it really is going to be one of South-Holland, or the Flemish Lion, which is for graphical reasons, the red-colored as it was.

‘Stupid Sexy Flanders’ is a meme taken from a Simpsons episode in which the sexy appearance of a Right-in, ski-outfit, Homer Simpson on the map. (Photo: fr. In the original, the “Stupid Sexy Flanders”. Photo: The Simpsons Wiki. For more about the uci road world Championships (Why are the early twenties with the power to intervene in the field: it is the year of the young lovers, Belgian cycling federation is “not a hundred percent satisfied” with the world cup performance “We had a lot more to expect from” time Trial, uci road world championships will start in 2021 on the beach, nature and eye-catching statistics, after the world cup with the pros: in the three countries on the podium, as a professional, after many years of drought