finally, Rob De Nijs (76) in place soon, with a lot of regrets in the heart, an end of his singing career. The Dutch singer to do that, after he had Parkinson’s disease has been identified. “I’m in a decent way, after sixty years, we said goodbye to the audience.”

That’s what he says in the Dutch Magazine Privé. The lead singer of Malle Babbe, the Rhythm of the Rain, all Day the sister of Ursula, was also recently in a movie that he’s in a show of sitting back down. “That’s going on in my family and surroundings are hacked. I was on the news just to the process, given what was going on. It was horrible to see, especially if it’s your own, but some of the comments were just horrible. I would have been drunk, you name it.”

a Few weeks later, he now makes it clear why this is happening. But the fact that he at the same time, saying goodbye to mark, it does not mean that he will immediately be on the stage, and disappears. He wants to have a new album and their current tour is complete for the next year and a afscheidstour in the Netherlands to begin. “I want to be in a natural way, after sixty years, we said goodbye to the audience.”

as of The Nijs, the youngest son, Julius, was only seven at the time. “We have explained to you that dad was trembling and that he was sick. That it ever can be, and that he was about to look out for. Since then, he warns me for the entire day for everyone. It is a very moving and touching.”

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