Farewell tear shipments are in “10vor10” – “Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”Susanne Wille moderated for the last Time, the “10vor10”. Colleague Arthur Honegger adopted, the new head of the Department of culture.red3 Kommentare3Emotionaler farewell: Susanne Wille during their last “10vor10″broadcast.Video: SRF

On Thursday evening was moderated by Susanne will be your last “10vor10″broadcast. Now she takes the position as head of the Department of culture and thus the successor of Stefan Charles, who will be leaving SRF, as the company has announced. Arthur Honegger adopted his colleague as presenter of the news magazine of the broadcast.

20 years of news journalism will go for will to the end. As a thanks to SRF showed a cut of their journalistic activity.

“Now I need something just to relax and breathe,” said the 46-Year-old, according to the pictures, visibly touched. “The hug we get then when we no longer need to keep such a large distance,” she said in the direction of Honegger.

Since 2001, in front of the camera

“I’m happy about all of these exciting challenges and experiences.” Live broadcasts were rolling like a Rock ‘n’. During your delivery a tear on the cheek, thanked you for your work colleagues and the audience for the confidence they have.

the will had joined the company in 2001 to SRF and was for ten years a presenter and reporter in “10vor10”. Afterwards, she joined as a correspondent to the Federal house, and afterwards was a reporter and presenter in the “Rundschau”. After he start-up of the Newsroom, she took over at the beginning of 2017 within the editor-in-chief a double function of strategic tasks during the renovation of the news organization, as well as a host of the program “10vor10” and the various political special broadcasts.

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