End of unemployment benefits: 6 cases where you can still refuse a job offer


Access to unemployment benefits will become more difficult. As part of the unemployment insurance bill, definitively adopted by Parliament on November 17, 2022, new unemployed workers will see more restrictive entry criteria.

First big change, the employee will not be entitled to unemployment in the event of abandonment of post, but also in the event of refusal twice, during the last twelve months, of a proposal for a permanent contract for employees on fixed-term contracts or interims.

But safeguards are provided for those who find themselves in the second case. Are excluded from unemployment insurance, only employees refusing permanent contracts aimed at “occupying the same job or a similar job, without changing the place of work”. And if you are on a fixed-term contract, you are obliged to accept a permanent contract if the latter provides “at least equivalent remuneration for an equivalent working time”.

The employer will be required to notify Pôle Emploi of any refusal of a permanent contract, but a second protection is granted to you: you can refuse the permanent contract if it does not correspond to your “personalized plan for access to employment” and therefore to “reasonable job offers”. Let’s see the 6 criteria for refusing a job offer.