Corona holidays – Instead of to the sea we go to the pool because this summer, many can’t travel, the demand for private swimming pools increased rapidly. Isabel Strassheim1 Kommentar1Baden in crisis: Who has money, is doing at the Moment, a private swimming Pool. Photo: Valentin Flauraud (Keystone)

in Spite of the Corona-crisis loose many of the money currently. So many people in Switzerland want to build a private swimming pool. “The requests have increased tremendously,” says Ronald Zürrer of free style pool in Embrach. This applies for the whole of Switzerland: Also Azotea swimming pool construction in Basel and pool builders in Bern are being overrun.

the cost of the private swimming pool are enormous. An average of 100’000 Swiss francs must take in the Hand, who wants to go in the summer in a professional swimming pool home swimming. “Many use your vacation budget now for such a purchase,” says Nic Megert of Nima Spa pools in Ostermundigen. Also hot tubs, a cost of around 10’000 Swiss francs – or Swim-Spas – have asked for were from 30’000 Swiss francs – and a little more available.

Because many do not go this year to the sea and in the Corona the summer is also the Badis are only for limited use, be converted into the private gardens and balconies. It is likely that often the saved-up holiday money is invested. According to new data from the consumer is returned back to the level before the Lockdown. The only pool builders, but especially the retailers did not benefit. Because the demand for self-mountable, smaller swimming pool goes through the ceiling: “We will sell this year, three times more swimming pools than usual,” says Migros spokesman Marcel Schlatter.

rush also in Migros, Coop, Landi

With this onslaught, the dealer had not counted on, however: “In our garden article, or Pools are part of almost,” explains Landi-spokeswoman Sandra Grossenbacher on request. Umbrellas, garden chairs and swimming pools are still self-assemble in the stores, but the selection is limited. It is similar in the case of Coop and Migros, as well as the online portal Galaxus.

The demand of the consumers has not changed during the Lockdown, but also for the summer. The planning of the retailers brings still confused. Similar to the hamster purchases of food in the spring, you are now faced with acute problems of leisure items.

umbrellas, or plastic pools usually come from Asia and need to be transported by ship to Switzerland. The ports in China and other countries in the far East were closed during the Lockdown, however, the containers were bunched up there. The global Covid-19-crisis means an unprecedented disruption of the supply chains.

“We have only a short-term supply difficulties, all of us want to be able to buy a Pool.”

Marcel Schlatter, Migros spokesman,

The transports are only slowly getting back in gear, and the Goods need weeks to arrive in Switzerland. In may, the Container of goods imports of goods in the Rhine port of Basel declined slightly. In June, they should increase, however, expected of the logistics provider Rhenus Alpina.

“Our supply problems should be short-term, we believe that all who want to be able to buy, sooner or later, a swimming Pool,” said Migros spokesperson Schlatter. Also the distribution centres of the Migros had been set to the new quantities of the bulky swimming Pools and garden furniture.

you must, However, make the retailers are also, in part, on the search for new producers. Because the holdings in the far East were or are still part of, or worked only to a limited extent. This means that there is actually a scarcity. “We are trying to arrange temporary Alternatives to ensure the availability of goods as much as possible,” says Landi spokeswoman Sandra Grossenbacher. And even in Coop it says: “We are already in place with additional suppliers.”

But also the food-hamster wave makes the retailers to create. In Landi, the shelves with flour are currently half empty. Because, customers are still unusually often after this basic ingredient for baking. Also the Migros indicates that the demand for eggs and batters is further increased. The same is true for toilet paper and soap. For the summer holidays at home will continue to be stashed away.

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