She was about to get married to the Bob, which was cancelled, was it due to a day for another month. Actress Daphne Paelinck is leaving after a turbulent scenario, it is Home, , will be final. “I’m going to miss the cast and the crew, really,” she said on All .

Daphne Paelinck is in June and gave birth to a daughter Allie, but the series was the life for her character is a lot less rosy. The break-up between Christine and Bob, it also ensures that they will be permanently out of the sequence, it disappears. And she’s self-pity. “On my last filming, I said to Christophe < / I> (the film, Bob plays, ed.) , that is, he was not allowed to say that it was my last day at work was, because I was crying. I tried to fight back, but after my last scene, I was given a nice parting gift, and the tears rolled down my cheeks.”

“it says a lot about how happy I was. I’m going to miss the cast and crew are really working hard, every day. (…) Yes, yes, I did a lot of crying.”

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