as The sweet potato, which is better known as the sweet potato, originally a tropical crop, but in the last week, but he does it for the first time on Flemish soil removed. “In 2016, the project will yacobat started,” says Angelo White, a lecturer at VIVES university College. “In addition, we develop varieties of the sweet potato that are adapted to our climate.”

The sweet potato turns out to be a very interesting plant. The orange potato is loved by the Flemish people. And since he has no real family is that of the common potato, and is not susceptible to the same diseases. “The sweet potato is everywhere in the world, is grown only here. So, we thought: it’s time to get out there to change that,” says White. In the spring of 2018, with a total of about 200 seeds are planted, however, the seedlings will be extracted from the ground. “There was a lot of variety, from the all-white sweet potatoes, to purple sweet potatoes, which was previously at the black salsify lives. In the end, eight types are selected, who in 2020 will continue to be tested shall be made.”

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