Time Out magazine revealed its 2022 ranking of the best cities in the world on Monday July 11, reports RTL. For this new edition, 22,000 people were interviewed to establish a list of 53 cities. This year, three of the cities in the top 5 have changed, including the one that climbs to the first place in the ranking.

Voted best city in the world in 2021, San Francisco is thus relegated to 25th place. In total, the ten cities in the top 10 are, in order:

Six of these ten cities are therefore European, two of them are North American, one is South American and one is African. Four of them were already in the top 10 last year (Amsterdam, Prague, Montreal and Copenhagen).

Of all the 53 cities selected (they were only 37 on the previous ranking), there is also a wide variety of countries. While 19 of the cities on the list are European, 12 are Asian or Oceanian, five are located in the Middle East, four in Africa and finally four in South America. Paris is in 32nd place, 4 places less than in 2021.

For this 2022 ranking, the importance of certain criteria has also changed. If the previous edition had focused on the cities most pleasant to live in during the pandemic, the resumption of travel invited the magazine to highlight what makes the tourist attractiveness of a city, namely its life nightlife, its bars and restaurants, its heritage and its cultural life. Things like public transport and pedestrian access were also considered, as was the cost of living there.