at the Least each and every month, which occurs at the federal police, an incident with a gun. Not only did the number of incidents increased over the past few years, but there are also more and more serious injuries are to be noted. According to the police union VSOA, has to deal with triad of violence against police officers.

the hearing loss, handletsels, post-traumatic stress, paralysis and shot in the leg … police Officers are risking a lot of injuries during their working hours. And even though the number of incidents in absolute numbers are not very high, and they continue year after year to rise. In 2018, it is evident from the data that the CD&V Member of parliament, Franky Demon got hold of the minister of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V). In the three-year period saw a doubling in the number of accidents caused by guns each year, almost 8 to 15. The number of injury – a light and a heavy was going to be even stronger, up from 8 in 2015 and to 27 in the previous year. Between 2015 and 2018 is going to be 48 accidents at work.

in The last few years, there are also more and more serious injuries. And the reasons to go in any direction, bounce balls, the stress during the intervention, faulty chargers, or the weapons, or the non-observance of safety precautions or improper use of a weapon.


“The reason for these figures is a simple one: this is due to the increase of violence against the police”, said Vincent Houssin of the VSOA. “Violence is not only increasing, but still the triad will.”

But, of course, also to incidents occurring during exercise and training. Ever since a tragic accident last spring, at Ten o’clock – when someone from the Special forces unit lifetime was paralysed – not the agents during training, no real bullets in it. But even with the oefenwapens as alarmpistolen or simulatiewapens may be, accidents do happen.

Franky Demon, efforts need to be done in order to cut the number of accidents down to get it. “This can be done by more training or by learning from the mistakes of the past,” says the Flemish christendemocraat.
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