Throughout her great acting career, Line Renaud has starred in many successful films and TV movies. Her fans undoubtedly remember her performance in the fiction The Sweet Poisoner, released in 2014. In the latter, the actress played the role of Clémence, an 80-year-old widow who saw her nephew arrive at her home after receiving her pension. . An adaptation of the novel by Arto Paasilinna, published in 1988.

Line Renaud “had fought for this TV movie to see the light of day”, wrote Jeremy Picard, co-author of the autobiography, A life of comedy, published on November 3, 2022 by Hugo Image editions. “Clémence is at the same time a horrible good woman and we would give her the good Lord without confession. It was an unexpected role that took me out of the characters of kind old ladies that we too often tend to offer me”, explained formerly Line Renaud. A fiction which, however, has been the target of strong criticism against him, as the 94-year-old star had explained.

“On the set, there were a large number of animals that Clemence was supposed to poison. In reality, they were asleep for a few minutes, under veterinary control, just long enough to take,” she said. The people press would then have written a title that would have hurt the actress: “Line Renaud, the shooting of shame”. In its columns, the magazine insinuated that “animals had been mistreated. I then received very harsh letters from readers. I wanted to answer them personally”, she had declared and added: “Even if I I have always been relatively spared from the tabloid press, this controversy has hurt me. I love animals and I will never let anyone hurt them”.

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