Stéphane Bern: who are the men in his life?


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A well-kept secret garden. For several years, Stéphane Bern has been one of the favorite animators of the French. On television or on the radio, he is a key figure in programs on history and royalty. However, the host has always remained discreet about his private life and in particular concerning his homosexuality.

Faced with the readers of Le Parisien in 2014, Stéphane Bern did not hesitate to lift the veil on his coming-out. “My homosexuality? I never made it public!”, explained the 57-year-old journalist before adding. “Others did it for me and I didn’t attack. The only time I attacked was when people said I belonged to a gay lobby. That’s not true.” We must indeed go back to 2006 when the evocation of his sexuality had been publicly revealed, without his consent, by the newspaper L’Expansion. A legal battle lost by the host, before he spoke for the first time about his intimate life with the magazine Têtu in 2009.

At that time, and for a few years before, Stéphane Bern had a secret relationship with Cyril Vergniol, an interior designer. In 2016, the crowned head specialist confided in their relationship with France Dimanche. “I’m broke, so I don’t intend to seduce. People consider summer to be the season for cheating, but for me, it’s the time when you can find the person you we like, and with whom we live, to deepen our sentimental relationships. With Cyril, it’s happiness!”.

An idyll that came to a halt for the two lovers, preferring to separate while remaining good friends despite the failure of their relationship. “I remained very good friends with Cyril, who shared my life for more than a decade. You just have to admit that feelings can evolve”, assured the actor in 2017 in Paris Match before specifying. “Today, I consider Cyril as a member of my family”.

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In 2017, Stéphane Bern found love in the arms of his companion Lionel. A person he has been close to for several years. “I first met Lionel sixteen years ago. At the time, neither of us were free. And then, last year, our mutual horizons were freed and we found ourselves“, he confessed on the cover of Paris Match.

“Lionel works in new technologies. He is passionate about history and cooking. Since he entered my life, I no longer run after the inaccessible. I am more in serenity”, added the famous Eurovision commentator to our colleagues. While they seemed to swim in full happiness, Stéphane Bern and his spouse separated in April 2019.

In an interview with Télérama, the radio host revealed that this media coverage on the front page of Paris Match was fatal for their couple. “The number sold nine hundred thousand copies. These symbolic gestures are often stronger than the speeches”, specifying that “this cover had an effect which I had not expected: ruining my private life”. With hindsight, the fifties also recognized in the magazine that “it is violent for the other to be thus exposed”.

Since his breakup, Stéphane Bern had a little trouble living his new single life. In the columns of We Two the host of the favorite Village of the French confided that “his daily life seemed a little bland”. But at 57, this specialist in crowned heads preferred to put it into perspective by telling himself that he had known love and that if it did not happen again, he “would have lived it. I say that without being bitter or sad. likes to live alone, it’s very pleasant”, he added to our colleagues.

However, the relative of Brigitte Macron was not really alone since he was able to count on his entourage and his animals to keep his spirits up. “I have wonderful dogs, goats, chickens… And I’m lucky to have wonderful friends. Friendship, deep down, is a form of love too. Nothing can spoil a beautiful friendship, while love passes”, he confided in July 2020.

But the time of celibacy is over for the presenter of History Secrets. Saturday June 26, Séphane Bern took advantage of the pride march to formalize her relationship with a certain Yori Bailleres. The latter posted on Instagram account a photo of him and the famous animator embracing, lying on the grass. “Being proud is a right” can we read in the caption of the photo on which the couple wears Louboutin shoes adorned with the rainbow, symbol of the LGBTQ community.

Unknown to the general public, Yori Bailleres took part in the Mister Gay Europe competition in 2007 and is now the head of the gay dating site Le Cercle de Socrate. According to Here, it could be that the two men met through this bias since the platform is intended for “singular, cultivated and accomplished singles that you will not meet anywhere else”. “Sensitive to the arts, culture, politics or civic engagement, members are mostly low-key individuals, not adept at mainstream dating apps and sites,” it says on the site. .