Kortrijk / Aalbeke –

the 31 people Monday night in Aalbeke, a suburb of courtrai (Kortrijk), was arrested by the police of Flax. It was about ‘football supporters’, Club Brugge and PSG, who are the fist to go in for a ‘free fight’.

It came to football supporters of Club Brugge, when they had come together, in the context of a commitment to ‘free-fight’ with the supporters of Paris Saint-Germain. They were not FOLLOWING his on-the-spot, so there is not a ‘free fight,’ has been, thanks to the vigilance of the police. There were 30 vehicles, are found in and around the Lauwestraat in Aalbeke, close to the city.

When the police arrived on the scene and tried, many people have to hide in the nearby city of Preshoekbos. However, the police forces, backed up by the bloodhound, for everyone to quickly locate and identify them.

a total of 62 persons to be searched, and 31 persons in managerial and picked up. Of which 31 have been transferred to the office of the commissioner of the POLICE of Flax.

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