The day of reckoning has come. This Monday, November 7 was broadcast the penultimate issue of Love is in the meadow on M6. The opportunity for farmers to take stock with Karine Le Marchand on their quest for a soul mate on the show.

Among the star couples of this edition, Jean and Laurence made an impression with fans of Love is in the meadow. From her love triangle with her rival Nathalie, the Charentaise has pulled out of the game to attract the favors of the Auvergne breeder. Viewers still remember their fiery kiss at the guinguette, their moment of relaxation in the jacuzzi without forgetting their first night on the pillow.

“The first night with Laurence is the start of fireworks, as I imagined,” smiled the farmer, adding facing the camera. “It’s especially when you wake up that it’s pleasant (…) you quickly get a taste for it”. For the farmer, there was even no doubt. “Laurence, it’s the right one, it’s the one I was looking for”.

Jean and Laurence continued their romance under the Italian sun by flying away for a weekend in Rome (without Etienne Daho). Between misunderstandings with the Italian taxi driver, complicity and ice cream tasting, the lovers were in heaven. But, today, where is their love story? Did the Dolce Vita continue upon their return to France? Planet tells you everything.

Last night on M6, Internet users did not hide their disappointment when they discovered that the couple’s balance sheet was not broadcast on the air. “I never thought I would say it one day but I miss Jean and Laurence tonight”, “We are waiting for the results of Jean and Laurence… and of the Cpam!”, Ironically these fans on social networks. Others, luckier, have discovered the rest of the romance on the Salto TV streaming platform (beware, the rest of the article contains spoilers).

In the final episode to discover next Monday on M6, we learn that Jean arrived in front of Karine Le Marchand without her sweet Laurence. In front of the host, the breeder of suckler cows explains that the candidate left him three weeks before the shooting of the balance sheet, not being able to live far from his daughter and her relatives. “She didn’t realize the distance and that her family was going to miss her. In fact, she had never changed department,” he confides with some sadness.

“I was really disappointed, I didn’t expect it, but I don’t particularly blame her, because I understand her”. Despite their breakup, it is hoped that the ex-lovers are happy today and that they will find a soul mate in the near future.