Frank Arnesen (63), the athletic director, who is by Anderlecht, after more than a year of service was fired for the first time to respond to his C4.

In all, the Danish podcast, FC, Arnesen, he did that in his story. “During the week of my resignation, I was out on Monday’s anniversary,” said Arnesen. “This day we had a meeting with some of the scouts, and so I waited until then to make five cakes for a treat. I’ve never tasted it. Just in time for the meeting, asked Michael Verschueren if I five minutes of was. The matter was made clear to me. Anderlecht took from me, and Kompany is no chemistry anymore, ” he said. Well. The latter property was used in my network, but they also did transfers, I didn’t knew about. Such as that of Hendrik Van Crombrugge. That’s when I knew that it was only a matter of time. It was a black Thursday, but we have put out a joint press release on it. Anyway, I’m in the dirty laundry, not out, and I hope the club is successful in his / her project. Even though I have only the scouts really have to say goodbye.”

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