Accident in Ticino – Lithuanians disappears in a Canyoning trip in Lodrino-Talnah a Canyoning accident in the Lodrino valley, a missing Person from Lithuania. The search teams will only be recording on Friday morning the search again.In the Lodrino valley on the evening of 18. June a disaster occurred: A Person from the group disappeared during the Canyoning trip all of a sudden.(Icon image: Facebook)The search is on 19. June continued.Google Maps1 / 2

In the Lodrino valley between Biasca and Bellinzona, it came on Thursday evening at 18.30 o a Canyoning accident. The accident occurred when a group of nine people from Lithuania at the Lodrino down the river on the way was.

A Person from the group disappeared during the Canyoning journey suddenly, such as the Ticino cantonal police announced on the evening. A member of the group alerted immediately inform the police.


The immediately triggered search for the disappeared Person, however, remained for the time being, unsuccessful. The Investigation had to be suspended in the evening due to darkness. You should be taken on early Friday morning.

In the search for the Ticino cantonal police, was involved with a search party. Furthermore, a Rega and Tre Valli Soccorso-the crew and staff of the mountain rescue in operation. The police has begun an investigation to the cause of the accident.

a Serious accident in the year 1999

In Switzerland, it has come in the past to Canyoning accidents. The worst disaster occurred in 1999, as in the saxeten Bach in the Bernese Oberland, 18 tourists and three Guides were killed.

in Particular, in Ticino, it always came back to Canyoning accidents. Among other things, died in the autumn of 2001, a father and his daughter from Lucerne Canyoning in the torrent Nara in Osongna. Only three years later, a German Tourist injured in Valle Malvaglia fatal.

the Last time occurred in October 2012, a major accident during Canyoning. In the case of Bach between Amden SG and Walen two groups of increasing water were surprised. A 24-year-old Guide from Belgium and a 23-Year-old tourist from Germany, could only be recovered dead.

Federal government has sharpened the rules to get

the problems with risk sports such as Canyoning in the handle, has the Federal Council as of 1. May 2019 stricter rules for the providers of Outdoor sports to adopt. Since then, each provider shall apply as from the first franc of turnover than commercial gain.

The provider must obtain, in accordance with a cantonal authorization. The previously valid limit of 2300 Swiss francs per year, was repealed. This was created for the Participating certainty that every commercial is granted to moderate-risk activity, and the corresponding Standards under the sun, it was said at the time.

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