600’000 migrants papers – Italy Pasionaria, the field Teresa Bellanova ordered was as a child field worker, now it is the agricultural Minister. Thanks to her, illegal migrants do not get permits, “” stay – in order for the Crops to rot.Oliver Meiler from Rom24 Kommentare24Rechte and protection for migrants: a field worker from Senegal in the Calabrian Rosarno.Photo: Alfonso Di Vincenzo ()

With 14 years of Teresa bellanova worked on the vegetable fields in the southern Italian region of Puglia, their home. You saw people die from fatigue, you also saw people from the crowded buses of the slave-driver fall, the so-called Caporali. The school had to cancel halfway, a study was in. “I know where I come from,” she says happily. And she says it with Pride.

Rare early biography of a politician or a politician coincided so perfectly with the career as adults-as in your case. Teresa Bellanova from Ceglie Messapica, 61, a Senator of the social-liberal minor party, Italia, Viva Italian agricultural Minister. You just experienced the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, a bit at least.

In the ghetto, without electricity and water

After a long fight, Bella Nova brought the government colleagues of the Cinque point to a Deal to sign: hundreds of thousands of field workers that a large part of any valid documents to receive a residence permit. You get rights and protection, they appear out of the shadows.

Many of them come from black Africa, the state they are considered as “Clandestini”, because they are illegally migrated to this area. Have worked for you but always treated like slaves, wages of Hunger. They live in Ghettos, without water and electricity in Calabria, Apulia, but also in the Northern part of the country. A scandal, a long time ago.

A contract and 560 Euro for this, there are criminal Amnesty

The agreed-upon residence permits should be time limited, and also for auxiliary workers and nurses in the Italian house, apply, keep, along with the field workers of about 600’000. The speech is of time being six months, the duration of a season. However, the immigrants must be able to prove that you are already in front of the 8. March 2020 in Italy have stopped.

in Addition, you need a contract of employer paid at the time of the registration of the employees he has employed up to now, black, of the state’s pension Fund equal to 400 Euro as buses and entry. About 160 euros for administrative writings come again.

The offer lasts only until 15. July, but there is immunity from prosecution for past wrongs. Of this Deal, among other things, farmers have dealt with in the past five years, not only your work forces in front of the tax office hidden, but also how slaves are exempt, or because they have been convicted of abetting Prostitution and illegal Immigration.

Some light in the large shadow economy

with the exception of the right wing of the Cinque point, represented by the interim chief Vito Crimi, were all parties in the government coalition agree with Bellanovas advance. By Crimi, it means that he miss the times, when the Cinque-ruled point, right-wing, with Matteo Salvini’s thematic Lega. And this rhythm has a fundamental Problem with migrants.

Crimi cross was long, then he relented. The content of the measure point fits well to the traditional Credo of the Cinque: do you see yourself as a senior advocate of legality and righteousness in the Land. The detection of a part of the shadow economy is one of them. The need for an Amnesty, as was in the past, it is often the case in Italy, some commentators as further evidence of the chronic inadequacy of the political leadership class, the left and right.

“speech, what you eat!”

Teresa Bellanova, Italian Minister of agriculture

Bella Nova this business was so important that it threatened to add to throw and to overthrow, if necessary, the entire government into Chaos. The “legalization of Illegals” is not only a humanitarian gesture. Italy needs these workers very badly, because it can bring in times of Corona, no seasonal workers from Eastern Europe and North Africa. Without the Africans, all the Crops rot located in the orange groves and tomato fields. Half of Europe eats it.

Bella Nova is a Pasionaria, no phrase drescherin. Every vote should sit, it’s always all or nothing. “Talk like you eat!”, she says to the politicians, hiding behind a wooden officials of Italian.

A bright blue frilly dress in all the rage

As she was loaded in the late summer of last year for the swearing-in of the Quirinal Palace, put them on a bright blue frilly dress, so she became known across the country. In the network there was evil, macho comments: about your dress and about your full physique. But you don’t mind. “I was euphoric, this electric Blue fit exactly to my state of mind,” she says. “And you didn’t see me in Orange.” Most of the heart were with her, the wardrobe was the hallmark.

“I know where I come from”: Teresa Bellanova, Italian Minister of agriculture.Photo: Ciro de Luca

The haters on the net are catching up Bellanovas resume, but it is now time to your career, from the field through the barricades on the big stage. At a young age, she became a trade unionist, the exploitation of the field workers, your big issue was. You brought the matter itself, was an expert, everywhere she appeared. Once in Casablanca, a tour of the left trade Union Confederation CGIL. The Moroccan interpreter, who translated at the time, their Talk, was her husband, the two have a 30-year-old son. And, of course, nourishes this family Background, the racism of the right, hater, now.

in 2006, was elected to Bella Nova for the first Time in the house of representatives, then I confirmed it twice, now it is already in its fourth parliamentary mandate. As Matteo Renzi broke last autumn, with the social Democrats of the Partito Democratico and Italia Viva founded, which struck Bellanova on his side. This has surprised many, because Renzi is on the Left as a disguised form of Bourgeois. “Yes, I’m a Leftist, and Yes, I stand by Renzi,” she said. So clearly, policy is often without frills.

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