Corona-report from France – Paris wakes up slowly from the lock-down much of what was the life in the French capital represented, is not so easy in the present to save. In many places it is eerily quiet.Nadia Pantel from Paris6 Kommentare6Nicht all adhere to the distance rules: group and Individual on the stairs of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris.Photo: Thomas Coex (AFP)

In Paris you don’t usually nothing for free, especially here, right in the centre. Nevertheless, the falafel seller wants to get rid of now rather be eating than waiting on the missing five euros. With a credit card, you can not pay for it, and the cash is not enough. “No matter,” says the man, “what do you have?” Then he takes the couple collected a 20-Cent pieces, and fill a pita bread. “Otherwise, I’m here today never.”

After eight weeks of strict rest of the city wakes up slowly. But rather as someone who sits still blinking in bed and not sure whether it’s really worth it to start the day. In the Metro stickers have to ask to leave one seat free. Outside of peak times this is not particularly difficult, with public transport only, who must really. The underground corridors are unusually empty. The tourists are missing, as are all the millions of commuters who work from their home office. The white Metro tiles, to tell the posters of another time.

How to keep going when everything you loved, to work in a pack?

exhibitions, movies, theatre nights, trips to the South of France – that are unattainable to become temptations. Of a possible end of the Corona epidemic no one is talking about here. It comes to the question of how to set up the Virus. And when so many of your Paris stay now continue to volunteer at home, that the city is still sleepy in whole, then, therefore, because you are facing an impossible task.

How to keep a safe distance in one of the most densely populated cities in the world? How to go on if everything you loved, to work in a pack? The evenings on the terraces of the Bars, the invitations to Dinner in the always tight living room, the friends, the kisses greetings with left-to-Right: Not every Ritual you can use of Plexiglas barriers, and breathing masks in the presence of rescue.

New normality in times of Corona: very Little traffic on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.Photo: Bertrand Guay (AFP)

On the Pont-Neuf, the Seine banks. To third to second, to fourth, the people sitting next to each other. All the Parks in the city are closed. However, along the Seine and the Canal Saint-Martin, further to the North, nobody should come up with the idea to relax. On Monday, the outcome of which was the lock not even 24 hours repealed, as the interior Minister declared a ban on alcohol for river and canal banks. In the early evening, the police admitted, accompanied by a private television crew, the Canal Saint-Martin. On the images of the so-called clearance, you can see Teenagers and young adults who are already standing up confused, before the police orders by megaphone to go home.

In the city, the usual bustle was missing, now those are visible that you will miss otherwise. In front of the Western Union outlets are long queues – immigrants who send money home are. And on the Place Dauphine, on the Ile de la Cité in the middle of the river, where else loudly laughing Americans plastic cups of wine to drink, just play a bunch of old men Boule. Life has shifted.

74 percent more Deaths in Paris

Between the Rue de Rivoli and the towering Church of Saint-Eustache is it normally tight. Now most of the shops have decided not to re-open. The Windows are taped from the inside. Earlier, the wholesale market was here, the Halles centrales de Paris. Emile Zola has immortalised it in his novel “The belly of Paris”. In 1969, the traders were relocated to the outskirts of town, one of Europe’s largest food market, the Marché de Rungis, was born.

at the beginning of April they have converted one of the sales halls to the morgue. Photos show how the wooden coffins close to each other are. The French statistical office, the number of the dead who died in 2019, between March and April, with the number of the dead compared, which have been registered from the beginning of March to mid-April 2020. In Paris the death rate has risen by 74 per cent. And so the cemeteries were the first places were opened again.

Paris in a half-sleep: The almost empty Trocadero square with the Eiffel tower in the Background.Photo: Michel Euler (Keystone)

on Tuesday afternoon, at the Eastern entrance of the cemetery Père-Lachaise. Security personnel with protective plastic shield in front of the face is in front of the lowered barrier. She just wants to go for a walk, says a woman, is that possible? No, you explain to her, only the grave care on registration. In the past few weeks, Père was a Lyon in the news – but not because of the dead.

At the cemetery Père-Lachaise-a Fox family

During the Paris eight weeks were long to leave their homes only once a day for an hour, was on a Fox family in the cemetery. Normally, a year, three and a half millions of tourists in search of the graves of Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. This spring, it was not so quiet in decades, four Fox babies were born. On Videos you can see how the young animals are climbing on tombstones.

A little further on, on the Place de la Réunion, in the heart of the 20th century. District. Parents allow their children to Bike to practice, the first girl has the training wheels in the Bicycle basket. The Playground is cordoned off, two teenagers climb over the fence and disappear under the slip house. You wear a mask, as all now.

“I’ve missed you so,” exclaims an old man as he sees the door of the café opens and the owner comes out to smoke a cigarette. “We are now illegal, they come in through the back door”, returns to the café owner. The old man immediately jumps up and runs off. Quick defensive gesture on the other side of the street – no, no, that was just a joke.

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