At 78, Alain Souchon is still at the top of his game and performs concerts across France. On November 23, he will also be on the stage of La Cartonnerie in Reims with his sons Pierre and Ours. Before that, fans of the singer will have the opportunity to discover a new documentary, retracing his incredible journey, in the program Un jour, un destin on France 3, this Friday, September 30.

With the exception of this documentary, the media appearances of the interpreter of “Sentimental Crowd” are rather rare. Last February, guest of the show On refait la télé on RTL, he admitted that he was never comfortable on television when he had to promote his titles. “On television, you have to be either handsome or funny or have something to say. And I don’t have any of that stuff,” he continued, before concluding: “It’s obligatory in my job, to sell records. It’s like that, all the people who go on TV, it’s to sell something”.

If Alain Souchon is renowned as a singer-songwriter, he has also been an actor in the cinema. In particular in the 80s when he played important roles in I love you by Claude Berry, All fire, all flame by Jean-Paul Rappeneau, The murderous summer by Jean Becker or The man with the silver eyes by Pierre Granier -Deferre. However, the medium of the cinema no longer interests the artist at all. “I was not made for that. Insofar as I had the choice between being a songwriter-singer or an actor, you can’t do both”, confessed Alain Souchon at the microphone of On refait la TV on RTL. “The great actors, it’s extraordinary to see Gérard Depardieu, Isabelle Adjani or people who are inhabited by their role, I was not at all inhabited […]. It was not very interesting for me “, he admitted.

Discover below the physical evolution of Alain Souchon throughout his career in pictures.