Electric mobility – The city is under power Once so far, especially the premium manufacturers in the race with Tesla to your long-distance Stromer launched, conquered the electric drive in the City. With the new Opel Corsa e. Thomas Geiger8 Kommentare8Mit the new Corsa e brings Opel a cool and clean electricity in the city. OpelDer Corsa-e is supposed to appeal to an urban audience, but with, theoretically, 337 kilometres, he is well equipped.Opel also as a Stromer, the Corsa an Opel is.OpelDas the Cockpit of the Opel Corsa-e is a modern and fully equipped and leaves no questions unanswered.Opel various cameras on the road and in the Park for the perfect view.Opel because in the boot is only 267 litres of space, you will appreciate the split folding rear bench seat. Opel1 / 6

Although the car market has collapsed due to the Corona-crisis world, the vehicles with alternative propulsion (Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, electric, CNG and hydrogen) in the first quarter in Switzerland was 59.6 per cent. The 11’731-registered vehicles represent a market share of 21.2 per cent. And it is likely to get even better, because with the second wave of the Stromer roles now affordable small car with a somewhat reasonable range at the Start. To improve the quality of urban life and the manufacturers of the suffering of their impending CO2-penalties mitigate.

the Fact you also hope in the case of Opel, and send the electric Corsa in the race. The costs with a minimum of 34’990 Swiss francs is still more than twice as much as the base model, but it is in the illustrious circle of the novelties of the Honda E and the Mini Cooper SE, almost a bargain. And he’s doing his thing at least as well: An E-machine with 100 kW and 260 Nm makes it, together with a precise steering, a significantly lower center of gravity and a tight but comfortable suspension Go-Kart in the urban jungle, making the journey to the destination of joy.

instead of Saving the cart

even at red lights: Finally, the will eventually get green and give the Chance for a little spurt. And if you sprints in 2.8 seconds from 0 to 50 km/h, brightens the currently depressed mood. Also, the 8.1 seconds to a speed of 100 to go in order, and on the city bypass or the road, the Corsa keeps up-e brave. Only on the highway, the Elan is noticeably, and in respect of the range Opel from turning the engine when the 150 things the juice. For us Swiss this is no Problem.

Who is stingy with energy, has already switched to long out of the Sport in the Normal or Eco mode. Then the power and, with it, the conventional driving fun drops, and even a few comfort to consumers such as the heating will be driven back – but it saves the Corsa power, and accordingly. The success of these measures is to live on the energy graph on the Touchscreen, next to the Cockpit, or it is switched on, the range calculator, the Opel in the now fully-digital instruments has integrated.

However, no matter how often you change between the different driving modes, one of the Corsa can not offer-e: for many E-cars in the meantime, the usual One-Pedal-Feeling. Because even with maximum recuperation power and the battery is empty, the energy recovery is so minimal that you have to go to the brakes the Pedal and how to ancient times mechanical delay.

designed for the urban space and a reasonably socially acceptable price, content of the Corsa e with a comparatively small battery. The has a capacity of 50 kWh, allows for a standard range of 337 WLTP-kilometres and guarantees in everyday life solid 200 miles. Thereafter, when it is loaded, the Opel the current in the series model a single phase, a 7.4-kW-loader, only with a surcharge of three phases, which is loaded with 11 kW. This helps if you are short of time, because that way, the Corsa pulls a 100-kW-pillar, the first 80 percent in half an hour.

Stop-and-go without the Stress

To ensure that no one loses the connection, place the in rüsselsheim for a few hundred bucks a suitcase with all the cables and plugs in the car, you can need to Electric Avenue so. Stupid only, that the already 40 to 267 litres of shrunken storage space is a bit scarce, but a few sacrifices you must make on the path to a green future. The buyer must rely on plenty of ultra-modern assistance systems, including front collision warning with pedestrian detection, which occurs between 5 and 85 km/h in case of emergency automatically on the brake. In addition, the cruise control also stops in traffic the necessary distance, brakes if necessary, and to drive on its own again. So is Stop-and-go from the stress factor for a meditation break.

In Rüsselsheim, are you convinced that a lot of customers are now ready for the transition into the E-warehouse, and to load the brand with the flash accordingly: So the Corsa is at the top of an electric or electrified fleet that will roll out the Opel in the next few years. And anyone who thinks it’s just lip-service, to cover the sending Opel to prove to Kaiserslautern – because the hoped-for demand, to build their first own battery factory.

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