Tensions in the Iran conflict – Trump threatens with the destruction of Iranian BooteNach an incident in the Persian Gulf, the US President has instructed the Navy, the approaching patrol boats of the revolution to sink garden.11 Kommentare11Maschinengewehr and grenade launchers: the boats of the Iranian revolutionary guards are usually equipped with heavy weapons. VIA REUTERS

a week Ago, boats of the Iranian revolutionary guards and a warship in the U.S. Navy near armed came quickly in international waters dangerous (we reported). Now, a week later, Trump wrote on Wednesday on Twitter that he had instructed the US Navy to destroy all of the Iranian boats and American ships afflicted. On Wednesday of last week, the US had notified the Navy, eleven boats of the Iranian revolutionary guards had approached repeatedly “dangerous” and “provocative” American war ships.

In the message, it had welcomed, the boats had approached the six US ships in the Northern Persian Gulf with the high speed part up to about nine meters. The boats of the Iranian military unit had responded during a training Exercise in international waters, neither radio signals nor the warning signs. The incident had taken about an hour. The US has classified Iran’s revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization.

The revolutionary guards (IRGC) shot on Wednesday, according to the state news Agency Irna, a military satellite into space. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo criticized the step and called for a Review of whether Iran with the launch of the carrier rocket against UN-‘ve violated security Council resolutions. Israel responded to the launch with a call to the international community to impose tougher sanctions against Iran.

The US Navy published this photo, which seems to be several Iranian boats and a US war ship approaching. (15. April 2020)photo: Keystone/DVI-d HandoutDie Iranian boats had also responds to radio signals.Photo: Keystone/DVI-d HandoutDas behaviour was “provocative” and “dangerous,” said the US Navy. Photo: Keystone/DVI-d Handout1 / 3

Irna reported that the satellite “Only-1” (light-1) was successful in an orbit of 425 kilometers of height. According to Tehran, the Iranian satellite will deliver data only to weather, natural disasters, and agriculture, and no military objectives. Therefore, the use was in line with international regulations. In the case of the satellite “Only 1” is but, according to IRGC-information of a military satellite.

The United States and Israel see the Iranian satellite program generally critical because they fear that the Iran space technology for the construction of military long-range rockets could use. Pompeo said on Wednesday, the launch of the satellite evidence that Iran possess resources. The government should spend these funds for the protection of the population in the Corona-pandemic, instead of their “global terror campaign” to continue.

The Israeli Ministry of foreign Affairs evaluated the Start of the “Only-1” on Wednesday as a violation of Iranian assurances. Tehran is working on its missile program, including Floors, that could be fitted with a nuclear warhead. “The Iranian Regime is focusing its efforts to continue its military aggression, instead of improving his failed handling of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, of the tens of thousands of Iranian citizens,” the Ministry said.

In February, the 130-kilogram satellite, “Safar” (Triumph) had not achieved after a successful launch from the space center in Semnan in Central Iran, the desired orbit. Prior to that, two more satellite launches had failed.

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