“Go faster,” urged the policeman Mrs. B. on the phone, the police will pay any speeding ticket. So Mrs B. drove as fast as she could to break in, the phone all of the time on the ear, with the police, the police warned them against the burglars, who were on the verge of in your house. “Faster, faster!” You should be at home, so that the perpetrators would be caught in the act.

Karin Truscheit

editor in the Department “Germany and the world”.

F. A. Z.

you have hurried up because she had to support the investigation, said the 69-year-old woman B. in the proceedings against the seven a “wrong cops” in front of the higher regional court of Munich. Since September, four Turkish and three German nationals due to the commercial band fraud answer had to be there. On Wednesday five men were sentenced to imprisonment of between two and six years. Proceedings against an accused not to be running still, in the case of another defendant, the state of the output. The prosecution had accused the men, to the elderly to store your valuables.

In the Scam, so-called boar, the usually sit in call centers in Turkey to call, people with old-sounding names, as commissioners or prosecutors, and warn of impending collapses. The boars give more information on “logistics” in Germany, the conduct, in turn, the “supplier” to the houses to bring there as an “investigator” valuables “in safety”. The highest custodial sentence at the age of six, received on Wednesday a man, identified as “head of logistics”: He stood with the clients in Turkey and in contact with, instructed and paid the “logistics”.

gold coins worth around 500,000 euros

For the defendant Mrs B. was, therefore, a case with particularly high prey maintenance: It came to gold coins to a value of around 500,000 euros. That was so much to get to, had found out the “Commissioner” quickly, the on 26. July 2017 called against 20 o’clock Mrs. B. on your phone. Mrs. B., who lives in Munich, had just rang in Augsburg, Germany, to visit her seriously ill twin sister as your cell phone. In haste they drove off without your husband know. That she could no longer communicate with her husband, she informed the Commissioner, “Weber or Wagner” was and constantly in the conversation. “No Problem, we take care of your man.”

As you in front of your house and realized that she had forgotten in all the excitement of the keys in Augsburg, was the Commissioner in favour of a quick solution. While he spoke with her, was informed by the key service. For the cost, of course, would pay the police! Suddenly then the COP stood in front of her, you should take your valuables in the reception. He looked with his black pants and leather jacket, “as forensic police officers look like this,” said the witness before the court. And he called the “password” that was communicated to the Commissioner before. When she asked for his identification card, he said: “Undercover agents never have a passport.”

she went with him into the bedroom, where the gold coins were in the closet hiding. You have you want to actually bring in the locker of your Bank, “but had no space free”. The man who all the time behind your stand, have always had their hands in the pockets: He could not leave fingerprints. As she took out three packets of gold coins, he said: “There is yet a fourth.” He had to have known how much Gold there really was. He also urged: “quick, Quick!”.