last night, the Walloon parties ‘ Names agreed to the coalition agreement and the formation of a new regional government. MR and PS are achieved quickly an agreement to work together in a coalition, but later in the evening, followed an Ecological, as a regenboogcoalitie leads in blue, red, and green, are on board. The Minister-president of the regenboogregering it is the veteran, Elio Di Rupo. It follows, therefore, that the 68-year-old Di Rupo, five years ago, the prime minister of Belgium is once again competing for the post of prime minister in the federal government formation.

P.S. did last night, still don’t, Paul Magnette, but it is Jean-Claude Marcourt, on behalf of the French-speaking socialists in the federal government negotiations will be. Currently being renovated, was previously the Walloon minister of the Economy.

the Recently-revealed An of itself wouldn’t be totally opposed to a toenaderingspoging with the N-VA. It is asked and answered, An in-RTL-TVi: “We have responded to the invitation of the informateurs and will, in the future, too. We hope that it will not be with VA, but we are a responsible political party.” An warned that “the socialist party did not buy it with the promise of a constitutional reform that will be more money to Wallonia, is transferred in a bid for the 2024 games”.

Also, the minister-president of the federation of Wallonia-Brussels, last night’s well-known. That honor goes to Pierre-Yves Jeholet (MR).

Who’s still in the regional government?

In all, the Walloon government has given the PS, next to Di’s Has two ministers. Christie Morreale is responsible for employment, Social Action and Equality of Opportunity. Pierre-Yves Dermagne is to the minister of Local government and Housing.

the Ecological should be part of the new Walloon government has a minister for climate change indicate that also responsible for mobility management, infrastructure, and energy. That honor is reserved for a long time, Philippe Henry. Céline Tellier, the secretary-general of the milieukoepel, Inter-Environnement Wallonie (IEW), is to the minister for the Environment, Nature conservation and animal Welfare, and Rural Rehabilitation.

MR in the Walloon government, with their present governments. Willy Borsus, now the prime minister’s office, in the eedsaflegging Friday, the vice-president. Borsus given the economy, foreign trade, land-use planning and agricultural authorities.

Jean-Luc Crucke, remains as minister of Finance and Budget, responsible for the regional airports, and sports facilities. Valérie De Bue is to the minister for the Civil service, Administrative procedures, child support, Tourism, cultural Heritage and road Safety.

And the French-speaking Community?

‘ MR politician, Pierre-Yves Jeholet will be the new prime minister, the president of the French-speaking Community. Jeholet it was in the last couple of years was a minister in the Walloon government. The new prime minister will be responsible for the intra-Belgian relations, international and European relations and cooperation for development.

will be forgotten, it is Valérie Glatigny, an adviser to the president of the European Parliament for the last elections, the first sequel was on the list of the European union MR the. She is now the minister in charge of Higher Education, and is responsible for the scientific, research, youth and sports.

the Question remains, who is the chairman of the MR, that is, after the departure of Charles Michel. According to the party, all the appointed ministers have already indicated that they will not be a candidate for the presidency.

PS, the French-speaking Community minister for education to deliver this. That is, the Brussels-based Caroline Désir, who, since the election is in the Room and has a seat. Frédéric Daerden, Member of parliament, and the son, is a minister of Budget, Civil service and Equal Opportunities of the French-speaking Community.

you can Also have Ecological, may be a minister of the French Community government commissioner. That is, Bénédicte Linard: they are in charge of culture, media, child care, health, and women’s rights.

More about Paul Magnette, the PS and N-VA, they looked at each other all in the eyes of the Federal formation of PS-still not on track for a coalition with N-VA, Full-stop: I think everybody is looking at each other and Paul Magnette (PS): “Rule with the N-VA is not an option”.