Summer holidays are fast approaching and if, for some, they are synonymous with well-deserved rest and good family time, for the older ones, they often rhyme with forced isolation and loneliness. Very often, it is, in fact, a total stoppage of associative and cultural life, which is put in place during the months of July and August when the days can seem very long for the elderly. In order to remedy this situation, Agirc-Arrco, the pension scheme for private sector employees, is organizing a program to improve the daily lives of the most isolated. Explanations.

For the past two years, Agirc-Arrco has been at the service of older and isolated people to get them out of this situation that is sometimes difficult to bear during the months of summer break. It is, in fact, the program “Here is the summer, if we moved?”, which is again topical, this year, in 16 cities of France. From July 3 to August 25, group walking sessions supplemented by adapted physical activity exercises, practiced in pairs, are organized to promote balance, mobility and even muscle tone in seniors.

Offered over eight weeks, with one 1.5 hour session per week, this program is accessible to all seniors, even those who do not practice regular physical activity. A fitness assessment is thus offered before the start of the activity while the schedules are arranged according to the climatic conditions. To register, you can go to the website 40 places are fully funded by the pension fund. Discover, in our slideshow, which are the cities where you can participate in the program.