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The Group Bankinter earned a net profit of 109 million euros between January and June of this year, involves a cut year-on-year 64.7% -equivalent to 199 million less-due to the extraordinary provisions of 192,5 million euros to face the pandemic of coronavirus.

In a statement sent to the National Commission of the Market of Values (CNMV), the bank also emphasizes the absence of extraordinary, but it points out that the credit investment grew 7% and the resources of customers, a 10%.

Likewise, the ratio of capital of the highest quality (CET1 fully loaded) stood at 11.8 percent, to 1,400 million euros above the minimum requirement of the European Central Bank (ECB).

The group presents separately the accounts of the direct Line, to the planned ipo of the insurer , who won 59 million euros, 12% more than a year before.

Without taking into account those 199 million euros of provisions, or the extraordinary that the entity being scored in the past year due to the effect of the purchase of the EVO, the result of the bank activity is 11.6 % lower over the same figure at June 30, 2019, to achieve the 254,3 million euros.

The delinquency ratio at the end of the first half stood at 2.50 %, compared to 2,71% from a year ago or 2.58 per cent in the past quarter, says the bank, with a coverage rate won 58.64% compared to the 51,10 of a year ago.

With all of this, the investment credit to customers came up to the 63.613,2 million euros, a 7.4% more than in the same period of 2019.

The amount of the credits granted within the lines of the ICO, put in place to cope with the impact of the pandemic coronavirus, rose to 3,900 million euros, while the moratoriums on mortgage lending amounted to 922 million euros compared to 55 million a year earlier.

the total assets of The Group were as at 30 June 92.829 million euros, 12.2% more than in the first half of 2019.

The total of the investment credit to customers reached 63.613,2 million euros, a 7.4% more; without taking into account the contribution of EVO Bank, the growth of the credit portfolio in Spain is 6.9%, compared to a sector growth of 2.3% with data to may the Bank of Spain.

The resources retail clients reached the 61.506 billion euros , a 10% above the same figure of the previous year; regardless of EVO Bank, the growth is 11.5% compared to 8.5% growth of the sector with data to may.

In terms of the main margins of the account, the interest margin reached 612,4 million euros, a 10.1 % more than a year before, despite the environment of low interest rates.

The gross margin amounted to a total of 863,2 million euros, which represents a 7.6%, with net income for commissions of 244 million, 5.5% higher than that of the first half of 2019, derivatives on the whole business of high added value as the asset management or securities business, whose increased activity has led to their income from commissions rose by 35%.

commissions accounted for 28% of the total gross margin of the bank.

In terms of operating margin before provisions, was 469,7 million euros, 9.8% more than a year ago, after assuming operating costs which grew by 5.9% with the inclusion of the expenses related to the business of EVO that were not included in 2019.

The efficiency ratio of the banking activity with depreciation and amortization stood at 47.9%, improving 110 basis points versus a year ago.